Thug Responds to Fans Queries Regarding S8UL

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Thug talks about S8UL as a whole and making it big like other international organizations.
He also spoke about S8UL’s partnership with Global Esports for Valorant.

Animesh “8bit Thug” Agarwal, is one of the most prominent figures in the Indian Gaming Community (IGC). After winning trophies at numerous international events, he earned a lot of community support, and today he serves as an example for many struggling gamers who want to pursue gaming as a career. After achieving success in the gaming industry, Thug formed his own team with Naman “Mortal” Mathur named S8UL.

Thug answers various fan questions regarding S8UL as a whole 

S8UL is an Indian organization that is formed by a partnership between two major esports organizations, Team Soul and 8bit. It also competes for esports titles like Pokemon Unite, which also represented India on the international stage. S8UL was also crowned as the “The Content Group of the Year” at the Esports Awards 2022. 

Recently, Thug was asked by a fan on twitter as to why S8UL does not hire a team for their social media handles and try to make it like other big international organizations such as 100 Thieves or Faze. Thug responded, “Everything takes time. Our SMM [social media management] is not bad, it's only a lack of consistency, which we have taken note of. Apart from this criticism it is okay, but like Sid said waking up every morning to see the same rant is irritating. The criticism has now started to take the route of specific targeting and now evolving to a version of hate showing the real side of these people. Also we are better off without people still living in the past and being divided about the Team Soul/8 bit thing. The world has advanced but their mindset hasn't”.

Another fan asked him why does everyone just play with the streamers from 8Bit and not S8UL as a whole to which he replied, “We do what the audience likes to watch. People are mistaken about the issue and Regaltos does play with Goldy bhai very often. Mortal on the other hand plays on the availability basis of other streamers. Viper and Zeref had an insane duo in Valo and eventually Viper and Aman in BGMI”. 

Fans were also curious about the S8UL Esports x Global Esports partnership for Valorant which was announced before the Valorant Championship Tour Lock in Sao Paulo. He responded to this in his recent live stream and said that “The partnership between the two organizations was only till that specific event i.e. São Paulo, and the future is uncertain for now”.

S8UL boasts one of the biggest streamers and content creators from India. It has represented India on the world stage in terms of content as well as esports. Fans have always been supporting it and want it to establish its dominance on the international stage.

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