Sid Details the Playing Four & Strategies for BGIS 2023

Umesh Borkar
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S8UL Sid


Sid discussed the playing four for BGIS 2023 and the synergy they plan to build for the team.
He also revealed that only one between Neyo and Goblin will be able to play the upcoming event.

Since the unban of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Team Soul has dominated several events including Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 The Grind. However, it was unable to replicate its performance in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2 LAN event and was recently eliminated.

In a recent live stream, S8UL Siddhant "Sid" Joshi responded to the fans and said that some changes would be made in Team Soul before the start of the BGIS 2023 main tournament.

Sid talks about changes in Team Soul before the start of BGIS 2023

After dominating the early stages of BGMS Season 2, Team Soul was unable to replicate the same in the later stages and some people thought that it was due to its constant experimentation in the tournament which also resulted in its elimination from the event. Sid now has responded and said they are not looking for experimentation in BGIS 2023 and will stick with the same playing four.

In a recent live stream, Sid responded to the fans and said, “There would be no changes in the roster. But me, Omega and Amit will decide which four players will play and those four players will continue to play till the end of BGIS 2023. Whatever the results are, if Team Soul wins or loses we will continue playing with the same playing four for the next one or two months. The thing I can tell with surety is that only one between Neyo and Goblin will play as Team Soul cannot play with three assaulters”.

A viewer asked Sid if Team Soul realized where it was lacking in the last event, to which he responded, “Me and Amit bhai were not able to decide on a playing four and kept experimenting and did not let one lineup build up the synergy”.

A viewer said that Team Soul’s fifth player’s BGIS 2023 will be wasted as he will not have an opportunity to play and Sid responded that, “When Team Soul got a fifth player it was known to all that one player will have to sit out. It is not about giving equal opportunities and I cannot allow everyone to play 2-3 games every event and our tournament gets wasted. When a team has a five man lineup and if the team wins, all the players in the team have won even if one of the players is not playing”. 

Talking about the fifth player Sid said, “Nobody is going to leave Team Soul. After deciding the playing four, it will be up to the fifth player to decide his future. Everyone knows once a player is part of S8UL we dont let go of players easily so the fifth player's future will also be discussed”.

Team Soul’s previous performances have failed to excite the fans. BGIS 2023 is a big tournament, and fans are hoping for Team Soul to make a comeback and dominate the event.

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