Sid Talks About Changes in Team Soul Ahead of BGIS 2023

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S8UL Sid


Sid talks about making a decision on the playing four for BGIS 2023 and giving that lineup a long rope.
He also talks about the factors that led to the team's elimination from BGMS Season 2.

Team Soul has dominated multiple tournaments since the unban of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and it showed its prowess in Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 The Grind. But to everyone’s surprise it was not able to replicate the same performance in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2 LAN event and was recently eliminated.

S8UL Siddhant “Sid” Joshi, in a recent live stream, revealed the reasons for the team’s elimination and also informed the fans that there would be changes before the start of the BGIS 2023 main event.

Sid talks about changes in Team Soul and explains the reasons for the elimination from BGMS Season 2

Team Soul after dominating the initial stages of BGMS Season 2 was not able to replicate the same in the later stages which eventually led to its elimination from the event. 

Recently, in a livestream, Sid responded to the fans and said, “Moving forward me, Amit bhai and Omega will take a decision on the playing four and those four players will continue to play till the end of BGIS 2023. There will be no changes made in between the event and if they perform it's fine and if they don't it's still fine. There will be some new additions made in the team, which I cannot reveal now and will inform once everything is confirmed”. 

When asked about the team’s poor performance in BGMS Season 2 he replied, “We could not make a decision on the playing four. The reason we couldn’t decide was also because the performance we were expecting from few players was not delivered. You guys would have thought that the players are performing well but we didn’t get the results we wanted from some players. Which is why we were constantly changing our playing four. We kept shuffling for the best results and did not let one lineup gel up which is my and our coach’s fault. We always wanted better results and were experimenting with the lineups. Akshat was the best player for us. He did his job very well. Omega and Goblin had external issues not related to the game which affected our performance. Neyo also was not able to perform as it was his first LAN tournament and he is much more talented than that, as you guys have seen in online tournaments”.

Team Soul has not been able to impress its fans with its recent performances. BGIS 2023 is an important event and fans will be hoping for Team Soul to make a comeback and dominate the event.

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