MSC 2023 Qualifier Myanmar Officially Announced

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>MSC 2023 Qualifier Myanmar Officially Announced</p></div>
MSC 2023 Qualifier Myanmar Officially Announced



The MSC 2023 Qualifier Myanmar is set to kick off on 30th March and shall go on till 9th April.
The tournament shall feature eight teams competing for the championship title.
The crowned champion will represent Myanmar in the upcoming MSC 2023.

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2023 Qualifier Myanmar group stage is currently ongoing. The tournament shall feature four Burmese contenders and four directly invited powerhouse teams from the region. The crowned champion shall earn the privilege of representing Myanmar in the upcoming MSC 2023 and compete for this year’s championship title as well as the lion’s share of the $4,700 USD prize pool. 

Moonton previously announced that the MSC 2023 shall also feature non-Southeast Asian teams to spice up the competition. The tournament is scheduled to be held on 10th June with qualifier events for participating regions currently ongoing to determine their representative teams. 

MSC 2023 Qualifier Myanmar List of Teams and Roster

Here is the list of participating teams and their team roster;

AI Esports

  • RexX

  • Kyaw "Benno" Khaung Htut

  • Wai "PS" Phyo Aung

  • Khant "OHMYJ3NNIE" Kyaw Zay

  • Alitaaa

  • Thet "Black" Naing Zaw

  • Win "PVNDV" Thuta - Coach

Burmese Ghouls

  • Shadow

  • Niko

  • Lina

  • Stitch

  • Blink

  • Carbon

  • Kuzan

  • Zaidem

  • Yoe Yoe

  • LynnXDaddy - Coach

Falcon Esports

  • Pyae "Kenn" Ko

  • Pyae "JustiN" Khant

  • Kyaw "Zippx" Bo

  • Swan "Ruby DD" Aung

  • Min "Naomi" Ko

  • Zaya "Sayargyi" Paing - Coach

  • Hiccup - Analyst

Fenix Esports

  • Royal Milk

  • Fayyan

  • Px7

  • Beni

  • Simple

  • J3x

  • Mok

  • Kalama - Coach

Basic Esparto

  • Yahiko

  • Qing Qing

  • Jak Jak

  • Yummy

  • Hulk

Team Mahar

  • Kaly

  • KidX

  • Kyal Nee

  • Sorata

  • Lufy

  • ViCee

  • Laxus

  • M God - Coach

RM Esports

  • XyC

  • Gosu

  • Kuro

  • Vam Vam

  • Kaije

  • Noop

  • Sh!nn - Coach

Zino Alpha

  • Ying

  • Policy

  • Khant Khant

  • Htut Htut

  • Tychon

MSC 2023 Qualifier Myanmar Group Stage Teams

Based on the group draw that took place on 25th March, the eight teams have been divided into Group A and B. Here is the list of teams and their respective groups.

Group A

  • AI Esports

  • Basic Esparto

  • Fenix Esports

  • Zino ALpha

Group B

  • Falcon Esports

  • RM Esports

  • Burmese Ghouls

  • Team Mahar

The top two teams from each group will advance to the Upper Bracket, while the remaining teams will enter the Lower Bracket. The last team in each group will be eliminated from the tournament. The MSC 2023 Qualifier Myanmar playoffs stage will start from 7th April and shall go on till 9th April.

MSC 2023 Qualifer Myanmar Group Stage Schedule


Where to watch the MSC 2023 Qualifer Myanmar

All matches will be broadcasted live on the official Facebook page of MLBB Esports Myanmar.

MSC 2023 is set to make history this year with the addition of new teams from outside Southeast Asia (SEA), including North America, MENA (Middle East and North Africa), and Turkey. In keeping with the vision of "Esports for Everyone," the tournament aims to increase contender diversity by inviting non-SEA teams to compete in one of the world's largest MOBA tournaments.

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