MPL MY Caster GideonQ Comments on FwydChickn's Statement Regarding MSC and IESF


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MPL MY Caster GideonQ Comments on FwydChickn's Statement Regarding MSC and IESF

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GideonQ commented on FwydChickn's statements regarding the importance of MSC and IESF events in the MLBB esports scene.
According to GideonQ, the MSC is an iconic event for SEA fans as it is the first International MLBB tournament.
GideonQ shared his complaint about the IESF tournament.

Malaysia’s iconic Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Professional League (MPL) caster, Gideon Khew "GideonQ" Wei Yung shared his thoughts on the statements made by former The Valley EXP Laner Ian "FwydChickn" Hohl. The North American (NA) pro player recently claimed that the MLBB Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) and the International Esports Federation (IESF) World Esports Championship are only being followed by diehard fans and are not as important as the MPL and World Championship events. According to GideonQ, FwydChickn makes a fair point and shared his concerns regarding the IESF event and how it is unorganized in terms of team selection.

GideonQ shares complaints about IESF MLBB event

Through a livestream on 8th March, GideonQ commented on FwydChickn’s recent statements regarding the importance of MSC and IESF tournaments.

“I think there is truth in the statement but also… It’s a yes and no at the same time,” he said.

While the MPL caster agrees that the M-Series or the MLBB World Championship is the biggest and most important event, he thinks that the MSC tournament is one of the most iconic events in MLBB esports for Southeast Asian (SEA) fans.

“I think MSC, especially for Southeast Asians, there is a bit of history to it,” explained GideonQ. “It’s not exactly the biggest but it’s the first international tournament.”

As for the IESF, the MPL MY caster shared his complaints of how team rosters were formed for each participating region.

“To me, I don’t really care about IESF to be fair, because my issue with it is the way they select teams,” GideonQ said.

He explained that each region has its own way of building its team rosters instead of having a standardized method which makes it confusing and unorganized. 

“It’s either you come up with some standardized rules or ‘it’s the wild west’ so that’s my only grievance with IESF,” the MPL MY caster explained.

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