The Valley’s FwydChickn Says He Is Willing to Tryout for MPL PH and ID Teams



The Valley’s FwydChickn Says He Is Willing to Tryout for MPL PH and ID Teams

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FwydChickn expresses desire to experience MPL events in the Philippines or Indonesia.
According to FwydChickn, he only wishes to play for at least one season, unless he wins his first MPL event.
FwydChickn also revealed that he doesn't care about player salaries as he only wants to experience competing in MPL.

The Valley’s EXP Laner Ian "FwydChickn" Hohl revealed that he is interested in trying out for teams who are willing to sign him for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) or Indonesia (ID). While there are other leagues aside from the two regions mentioned, the pro player stated that he is not interested in other leagues aside from the two biggest regions in the MLBB esports scene. FwydChickn added that he only wishes to play in an MPL event for at least one season, unless he wins his first official league tournament then he might stay for another run.

FwydChickn wants to experience MPL tournaments

The Valley had a solid performance in the M4 World Championship. While the team only finished 6th place, it was able to shock fans by eliminating fan favorites such as Burn x Team Flash, Todak, and RRQ Akira in the playoffs stage.

Through a livestream, The Valley’s star EXP Laner FwydChickn shared his thoughts about joining an MPL team in Southeast Asia (SEA).

“I wouldn’t say I’m 100% down for it but if a good team were to offer me [to] tryout, I would 100% be down to tryout,” he said.

He added that it doesn’t matter if the tryout wouldn’t guarantee that he will join the team as long as he is given the chance to showcase his talent as an MLBB pro player.

“I feel like I really am one of the best or I could be one of the best,” stated FwydChickn. 

When fans asked him which MPL region piqued his interest, the EXP laner answered that he only wants to compete in two regions.

“It would only be Indonesia or PH, and that’s only if a team I believe could do a lot would offer me,” said FwydChickn

Talking about player salaries, he said that the amount doesn’t matter as long as he gets to experience playing in an official MLBB regional league.

“I wouldn’t even care much about the pay… When I say ‘play in MPL,’ I just mean like for one season and then I would just go back home if I didn't win,” explained FwydChickn.

“If I won, honestly, I might stay, but I just want to play like one season for the experience,” he added.

FwydChickn was one of the most explosive EXP laners in the M4 World Championship. The North American player flexed his expertise in his role with the hero Joy and spearheaded The Valley to an impressive three match win streak in the playoffs before being eliminated by RRQ Hoshi.

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