FwydChickn Is Skipping MSC to Instead Try Out for Non-NA MLBB Teams

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>FwydChickn Is Skipping MSC to Instead Try Out for Non-NA MLBB Teams</p></div>

FwydChickn Is Skipping MSC to Instead Try Out for Non-NA MLBB Teams



FwydChickn aims to tryout for non-NA teams and shall skip the MSC 2023.
According to FwydChickn, most fans would only talk about MPL and M-world series champions and only diehard fans would talk about other MLBB tournaments.
FwydChickn aims to experience an MPL tournament before aiming to qualify for this year's M5 World Championship.

The former EXP Laner of The Valley, Ian "FwydChickn" Hohl shared that he plans to set aside the opportunity to compete in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2023 to instead try out for Indonesian teams and experience its esports scene. The pro player explained that he doesn’t see the value of joining the upcoming major event and would rather prepare to compete in this year’s M5 World Championship. 

FwydChickn is yet to unveil which teams he shall be trying out for. However, the pro player gave a hint that it won’t be a team from the Philippines as other regions have more opportunities for someone like him.

FwydChickn would rather prepare for M5 World Championship than qualify for MSC 2023

While MobaZane is glad that North America (NA) shall finally be a part of the MSC 2023, his former teammate FwydChickn thinks it’s not worth his time to qualify for such an event.

“Who [cares] about MSC [2023]? MSC doesn’t mean anything. No one cares about MSC,” he said.

He further elaborated that most fans would talk more about the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) and world series champions than those teams who won other major events.

“People think about MPL champs and M-series champs. They don’t care about MSC, SEA Games or IESF,” said FwydChickn. “People only bring those up when they’re diehard fans.”

The NA star player shared his priorities for this year’s MLBB esports, stating that he’d rather try out for Indonesian teams than join the upcoming NACT (North America Challenger Tournament) tournament to win a ticket to the upcoming MSC 2023.

“I’d rather tryout for Indo teams and have a chance to play in MPL,” said FwydChickn.

Following his statements about MSC 2023, the pro player gave a few hints about the teams he is looking to tryout for. 

“I have two teams that already want to try me out and a 3rd team maybe will try me out,” said FwydChickn. “I wish I could say the teams… I don’t want to say anything that would potentially jeopardize my position.”

It will be interesting to see if FwydChick will be able to join a non-NA team and get his chance to experience the MPL esports scene.

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