MPL PH Host Mara Aquino Shared Her Thoughts Regarding the OHEB vs Kelra Incident


MPL PH Host Mara Aquino Shares Her Thoughts Regarding OHEB vs Kelra Incident

John Dave Rossel
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Kelra's sister received backlash from the MLBB community due to her shouting "1v1" during a post-match interview in the MPL PH Season 10.
Mara Aquino shared her thoughts regarding the community backlash during the OHEB vs Kelra incident in the MPL PH Season 10.
Kelra's sister also responded to the community backlash.

The opening week of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 10 was filled with interesting matches that hyped up the fans. One of the major events that occurred was the fated match between the two best marksman specialists Kiel “OHEB” Calvin Q. Soriano from Blacklist International and Grant "Kelra" Duane Pillas from Omega Esports. Shortly after the match, Kelra's sister received backlash from the MLBB community for shouting “1v1” during the postmatch interview. The host of the MPL PH Season 10 Mara Aquino and Kelra’s sister addressed their concerns regarding the community's toxic reaction.

Mara Aquino defends Kelra’s sister after community backlash

The rivalry between OHEB and Kelra along with who deserves the title of the best Marksman specialist between the two is one of the most hyped-up debates in the MLBB community. OHEB earned the title of “The Filipino Sniper” while Kelra earned the title of the “Filipino Savage” but the debate continues on who truly is the better marksman player.

The MPL PH even made a post on 13th August, asking the fans, “Who is the true Filipino Sniper?”

While Blacklist International won the match against Omega Esports, OHEB believes it is not over until the grand champion is decided. Through a postmatch interview, the renowned Filipino Sniper was asked if the debate has been decided to which he responded with “Not yet, not until [one of us] becomes a champion.”

Following this, Kelra’s sister was heard shouting “1v1!” inside the venue which hyped up the crowd. However, this was not taken lightly by the MLBB community as she and Mara Aquino received backlash for bringing up the discussions on the big stage.

Following this, the MPL PH host responded through a lengthy post on Facebook along with an infographic that compares two of the biggest Basketball names Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.

“Currently, Kelra and Oheb are considered the greatest Beatrix users. They're both legendary snipers, catching attention at the international level. When two athletes are shining at the top, they will always get compared, especially in a very competitive industry. All eyes will be on the best players as they are expected to give a great performance and break game records,” stated Mara Aquino.

She added that “I thought it was funny and did NOT feel any malice from it.” Aquino added that OHEB talked to her saying that the pro player was not bothered by the issue and was “surprised that she [Kelra’s sister] was getting bashed by people. I get the joke, and find it funny.”

Aquino further elaborated that Kelra’s sister was not the only one shouting “1v1” in the live audience. “Both sides also had their own cheers. If she was my sister, I would be happy because I can see how proud and supportive she is even if we didn’t win. She also did not mean to insult. She was being part of the energy."

The MPL PH host ended her statement by imploring fans to avoid making things personal and that some community reactions are too "violent and venomous." She added that fans should "[H]ave some empathy and leave them alone. Stop involving their work and lives outside the game. Stop making this personal. Please, watch your misplaced hatred."

Kelra’s sister responded to the community backlash

Kelra’s sister also shared her thoughts regarding the reactions from the MLBB community. She shared how a Blacklist fan elbowed her in the venue. In her post, she stated, “[The fan] didn’t even say excuse me nor said she needs to pass by. [The fan] squeezed in just to reach the lane of the walk-ins. But have you heard me say anything harsh about the situation?”

For her, she shouted during the post-match interview just to hype up the crowd and express support for her brother Kelra who is also doing his best in the MPL PH Season 10.

“It was just for fun, but why are you all taking it seriously? Is it a big deal again? Why is it when it’s from us with Kelra, it’s a big deal? When it’s Omega [Esports], it’s a big deal, right? I don’t even know why you pit OHEB against my brother when they aren’t even enemies,” Kelra’s sister stated.

She ended her statement by saying “Lastly, Kelra is my brother. I’ll protect him at all cost because he’s my brother.”

The rivalry between OHEB and Kelra is an interesting story to follow in the MPL PH Season 10. However, fans should keep in mind that behind the scenes, the two players are good friends and they aim to maintain a healthy rivalry for the entertainment of the fans.

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