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iFlicks Details Team Soul Walkout and Ping Issues at BGMS Season 2 LAN

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iFlicks reveals Team Soul faced major ping issues and decided to walkout on Day 3 of BGMS Season 2 Super Weekend 2.
Many teams like Team Soul and Global Esports raised their voices against this issue.

The ongoing Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2 has provided fans with one of the most intense competitions in recent times. Experienced teams have dominated the event with underdog teams also showing their prowess.   

Amidst the intense competition there is always some issue and most recently there was an issue related to the ping at the BGMS Season 2 LAN. Ping related issues are a common occurrence in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) or any other online game. The BGMS Season 2 LAN was underwhelming for several teams including Team Soul. There was a constant ping spike in between matches and players were frustrated because of this issue. 

In a recent video Nishant “iFlicks” Murlidharan revealed details about Team Soul walking out of the BGMS Season 2 LAN and also spoke about the ping Issues at the LAN event.

iFlicks revealed why Team Soul walked out on Day 3 of BGMS Season 2 Super Weekend 2

BGMS Season 2, in its League Week 2 and Super Weekend 2, faced severe criticism from fans and players regarding device and ping issues at the LAN event. Several other teams including Team Soul and Global Esports faced major ping issues in their matches.

iFlicks, in a recent video, revealed details about Team Soul’s walkout and said, “The viewers thought the issues began in the third game but the issues started from game one. There were several teams including Omega from Team Soul, that kept informing the admins about the ping issues during dry run matches. There were particular tables where ping issues occurred. The admins just used to communicate the issue to management but the issue didn't get solved. On Day 3 when Team Insane pushed on Team Soul the players from Team Soul got a ping spike and were eliminated. After this Team Soul walked out but it was not shown on television screens. Even after informing about the ping issues several times it was not solved and ultimately they decided to walkout.

There was a dry run match held just before the third match of the day and the issues still continued. Almost half of the teams were facing the same issue. The management informed everyone everything was good and the third match was started. The same issue began to occur again in match three and Team Soul started nading themselves and got eliminated. Following them, every team started eliminating themselves as it was the only way to rehost that match. After this, everyone walked out”.

Many teams’ performance was affected during the BGMS Season 2 League Week 2 after they were handed android devices to play the LAN event. There were several issues such as lag and ping spikes throughout League Week 2. 

The playoffs of BGMS Season 2 will be held on 22nd and 23rd August. Fans are hoping teams will be handed a better device and all the issues will be sorted out before the playoffs, so that the players will have a level playing field to qualify for the Grand Finals.

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