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S8UL Sid Talks About Team Soul Being Focused in BGMS Season 2

Umesh Borkar
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S8UL Sid responded to fans on teams targeting Team Soul in BGMS Season 2.
After dominating the initial stages of BGMS Season 2, Team Soul had sub par performances in League Week 2 and Super Weekend 2.

Team Soul’s journey in the ongoing Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2 has been a roller coaster ride so far. The team has been somewhat consistent in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and it has shown glimpses of brilliance in BGMS Season 2. The team dominated the Launch Week and League Week 1 of BGMS Season 2, but could not impress fans in League Week 2 and Super Weekend 2.  

Recently in a livestream, S8UL Siddhant “Sid” Joshi responded to the fans with regards to why Team Soul is being targeted by the other teams in BGMS Season 2.

Sid responds to fans on Team Soul getting targetted

Team Soul showed consistent performances in the Launch Week, League Week 1 and Super Weekend 1 of BGMS Season 2. League Week 2 and Super Weekend 2 were not on par as the team barely qualified for Super Weekend 2 because of its performance in the last match of League Week 2.

In a recent livestream, Sid responded to the fans on why teams are targeting Team Soul and said, “We would love to have a fighting chance in the Grand Finals. If we talk about teams targeting us, I don’t think any of the teams have been doing such a thing. If we are getting eliminated at a particular spot in ten games in a row and we still get eliminated in the eleventh game then it's our fault and not the opposing team's fault. I don’t think about these things nowadays. I also have stopped indulging in banter and have focused on achieving results. Whatever I said yesterday on TV was just a bit of banter so the watching increases and the event gets interesting. It was not hate towards any particular team”.

S8UL Sid

On Day 3 of Super Weekend 2, Team Soul was eliminated in the first match by Team Insane after which it was revealed by Sid that Team Soul had ping issues which led to its elimination. Team Soul and Team Insane have fought against each other almost every time in the map of Erangel and most of the times Team Insane has emerged victorious.

Team Soul throughout League Week 2 and Super Weekend 2 were informing the admins about the ping issues during matches. It was one of the reasons why Team Soul had sub par performances in League Week 2 and the Super Weekend of BGMS Season 2. 

Team Soul will now play the playoffs and look to grab a spot in the Grand Finals of BGMS Season 2. Fans are hoping their favorite team will dominate the playoffs and Grand Finals and eventually be crowned champion.

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