S8UL Esports' Manager Sheds Light on Career Prospects In the Esports Industry


S8UL Esports' Manager Sheds Light on Career Prospects In the Esports Industry

Moin Khot
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Aaditya "Dynamo" Sawant invited S8UL Esports' manager Siddhant "Sid" Joshi to the latest episode of Gamers Unplugged, where Sid spoke about the career prospects in the esports industry.
Sid stressed the importance of having a vast network and good people skills to be a successful manager.
Sid also acknowledged the grind required to be a successful manager in the industry.

Siddhant "Sid" Joshi, an influential figure and manager of S8UL Esports, recently appeared on Gamers Unplugged, a podcast by Aaditya "Dynamo" Sawant, where he shed light on the various career prospects available in esports and shared his insights and experiences about the esports industry. Being the manager of India's one of most successful esports organizations, he highlighted the role of a manager and the importance of networking in the industry. He also noted that while the role of a manager can be very satisfying, it requires a significant grind before one can be considered for a position in larger organizations like Hydra or S8UL Esports.

Sid highlights the skills required to be a successful manager in the esports industry

Sid stated that the common misconception about esports is that the only role available is that of a pro player. He went on to say that there are at least fifty other roles in the industry, including manager, content creator, coach, graphics designer, and more. He specifically highlighted the role of a manager and urged others to consider it. "I would definitely suggest one to be a manager; it is a very satisfying journey," he added. However, Sid quickly points out that one should not become a manager just because he is. 

Sid stressed the importance of having a wide network and good people skills. "To be a manager, there are three to four qualities that, I think, are necessary, be it a manager for pro players or a manager of content creators. I think the biggest thing you need to know is that your network should be big. If you are trying to be a manager, then you need to know people; you need to network properly," Sid said. He also mentioned the importance of having a strong presence on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Further elaborating his statements, Sid added, "Your (Dynamo's) manager knows everyone in the industry, and everyone in the industry knows your manager. Because to get to you, people need to contact your manager, and he has to know people in order to get more work and good work for you. That's how it works." He added, "You have to network to get work, is what I always say."

Sid stated that in order to excel in a managerial role within the esports industry, individuals should focus on developing strong people skills and conversational skills. He emphasized that cultivating these qualities is essential for those who are looking to pursue a career in the field of esports.

Despite the perks of a managerial role, such as the satisfaction of working in the industry, Sid acknowledged that the grind could be a bit too much. "It will never happen that you are a fresher, and an organization like Hydra or S8UL Esports will hire you. You have to climb your way up from the bottom. You have to start from a small organization to gain experience and climb up by networking. Then finally, there will be a possibility that you end up in places like Hydra, S8UL Esports, GodLike Esports, or Orangutan Gaming," he added. He emphasized that all managers in the industry have worked their way up and that it usually takes around two to three years of grind before one can say that they have made it in the field.

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