Gladiators Esports Maintains Top Spot on AFK Gaming BGMI Team Rankings

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Gladiators Esports was placed second in the BMPS 2023 event but it retains its position at the top of the table in the AFK Gaming BGMI Team Rankings.
Several other teams like Numen Gaming, 8BitxCS and GenxFM also climbed up the charts due to their performance in the BMPS 2023 event.

The 2023 Season has ended with the recently concluded Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) 2023 event. The event took place for over a month with 96 participating teams and the top 16 qualified for the Grand Finals LAN event. The Grand Finals also provided some intense action with teams like Blind Esports, Gladiators Esports and Team iNSANE showcasing dominance. 

The AFK Gaming BGMI Team Rankings have been updated after the conclusion of the BMPS 2023 event and Gladiators Esports still holds the top spot with Blind Esports being placed second, but the points gap between the teams has closed in.

Gladiators Esports retains the top spot on the AFK Gaming BGMI Team Rankings 

Gladiators Esports had consistent performances in the recently concluded BMPS 2023 event. It was also able to grab its first chicken dinner in official events. The squad was placed sixth after Day 1 of the BMPS 2023 Grand Finals concluded, but the team made a remarkable comeback on Day 2, securing 97 points in 6 matches and placed second on the overall points table. On Day 3 the squad was still in the race for the title but its performance in the last couple of matches was not on par which led to it placing second in the event.

Although Gladiators Esports was placed second in the event, it still retains the top spot on the AFK Gaming BGMI Team Rankings due to its performance in the past events like Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 and Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2 2023 where it developed a significant lead against other teams.

The Gladiators Esports BGMI team was formed in 2023 just before the start of BGMS Season 2 2023 and has performed exceptionally in most of the LAN events. It won the BGMS Season 2 2023 event which boasted one of the biggest prize pools in BGMI and the team was also crowned the champion of BGIS 2023 which was the first official LAN event of BGMI since its return. 

Blind Esports was the champion of BMPS 2023, but it is still placed second on the AFK Gaming BGMI Team Rankings as Gladiators Esports had already built a significant lead on the leaderboards. But Blind Esports now has closed the gap after its recent performance in BMPS 2023.

There were many more changes in the overall rankings like Team Soul climbed up one spot and is now placed in the top 8 whereas OR Esports slipped down a position. Team iNSANE climbed up three spots and is now placed 10th, 8BitxCS climbed up 20 spots and is now placed at the 20th spot and Numen Gaming climbed up 19 spots to grab the 23rd spot.

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