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M416 and AKM Glacier Skins Return to BGMI in New Winter Crate

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The M416 Glacier skin is one of the fan favorite skin lines in BGMI and has finally returned to the stores through the special Winter Crate.
The Winter Crate also has two more weapon skins, the AKM Glacier skin and the QBZ Iceberg Arcade skin.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) offers various kinds of rewards in each major update through its events and crates. Each update is based on a certain theme and the rewards introduced in it are similar to that theme. The 2.9 update in BGMI has been released with the winter theme named Frozen Kingdom mode. The update has brought several winter themed rewards and game updates which can be played in the classic mode matches. Recently, the M416 and AKM Glacier skin line has been brought back to the store through a special Winter Crate including exclusive rewards.

M416 and AKM Glacier Winter Crate Detailed 

Since the Frozen Kingdom winter update was teased in BGMI, fans were expecting the return of the M416 Glacier skin to return as well. After the 2.9 update was released in BGMI the skin was not available and players were confused as to why the skin line has not been brought back, but two weeks after the update’s release the Glacier skin line has been brought back through a special Winter Crate. Usually the skin is one of the hardest to procure and players are required to spend Lakhs of Unknown Cash (UC) doing so. The Winter Crate event is live from 16th December 2023 and will end on 25th January 2024 along with the 2.9 update.

M416 Glacier Skin


Follow the the steps listed below if you want to draw the M416 or AKM Glacier skin from the Winter Crate:

  • Open BGMI and select crates from the menu in the upper right corner of the launch screen.

  • Locate and tap on the Winter Crate.

  • Players will see two different drawing options. Selecting the open once option will cost 60 UC for one draw. Drawings 10 times at once will cost 540 UC.

AKM Glacier Skin


Winter Crate Rewards

These are some of the rewards in the Winter Crate:

  • M416 Glacier Skin Level 1.

  • AKM Glacier Skin Level 1.

  • Frigid Beast Cover.

  • Frigid Beast Set.

  • Iceberg Arcade QBZ Skin.

  • Bony Totem Backpack Level 1.

  • Mini Cyclops Ornament.

  • Mega Yeti Parachute.

  • Modification Material Piece (1x, 3x and 5x).

  • Materials (to upgrade skins).

Frigid Beast Set and Cover


The M416 Glacier skin in BGMI is hard to get. If players get the skin it will be in the basic form and they will be required to have Materials or Modification Material Pieces to upgrade the gun skin and get the kill feed animation, hit box animation and loot box skin. The amount of UC required to draw the skins from the crate is not fixed so it is recommended that players spend UC carefully.

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