From Kingslayers to the King, RSG PH Wins MPL PH Season 9 Championship Title



From Kingslayers to the King, RSG PH Wins MPL PH Season 9 Championship Title

John Dave Rossel
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RSG PH takes the MPL PH Season 9 crown.
Demonkite explained how RSG PH defeated Omega Esports in the MPL PH Season 9 grand finals.
Coach Panda also declared that no one can call RSG PH as a "Chop Sue Team."

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 9 concluded after RSG PH took down Omega Esports in the grand finals. The renowned Kingslayers dissected the Comeback Kings’ keys to victory to close the series with a dominant 4-1 match score. Through a post-match interview, RSG PH revealed how the team was able to figure out Omega Esports’ weakness and used it against them.

The team’s coach Brian "Panda" Lim proudly proclaimed that no one can ever call RSG PH a “Chop Sue Team” as the team has upgraded their title from the Kingslayers to the King of MPL PH Season 9.

RSG PH revealed one of Omega Esports’ weakness

The grand finals match was nothing short of exciting outplays and fist clenching moments. However, one thing the caster and fans alike have noticed was RSG PH’s heavy emphasis of suppressing Omega Esports’ star Gold Laner Grant "Kelra" Duane Pillas.

According to RSG PH’s Jungler Jonard "Demonkite" Cedrix Caranto, the team did not immediately notice how Kelra’s was the big factor on Omega Esports’ dominance in matches. He said, “First of all, it wasn’t initially our idea to go all in on Kelra. It was on the spot, in the heat of the battle that we throught we needed to kill Kelra because he was the key player of Omega [Esports].”

Throughout the match, Omega Esports’ gold laner was getting camped and chased to prevent him from ever hitting his power spike. RSG PH even focused more on denying Kelra’s comfort picks such as Beatrix and Wanwan during the drafting phase.

“We kept pressuring him, we always gave him a hard time so Omega’s [Esports] strategies won’t work,” Demonkite stated.

The plan worked wonders for RSG PH with a slight hiccup in game two when Kelra was able to secure his favourite hero, Beatrix. Additionally, Omega Esports’ roamer Joshua "Ch4knu" Mangilog opted to pick Mathilda which gave the Kingslayers a very hard time in executing its plan.

The Ch4knu and Kelra tandem put a dent on the RSG PH’s plan especially at the 10:40-minute mark where all efforts were wasted chasing down the Omega Esports’ duo.

Coach Panda takes shot at haters for calling RSG PH a “Chop Sue Team”

The team was previously mocked by haters as players who were “leftover” by other teams were being absorbed in RSG PH such as Light and Kousei who were former TNC Pro Team members.

Right after earning the MPL PH Season 9 championship title, Coach Panda called out the haters and proclaimed that his team has proven enough that they are not just a team of “leftover” players. “Every single player now has a championship title. No one can ever dare say the Ch- [Chop Sue] word in front of us,” he exclaimed.

Chop Sue is a stir-fried mixed vegetable dish often mixed with noodles. The term is usually used in gaming and esports to describe team members who are acquired from different sources, often “discarded” by other teams.

The coach also added that, “We were the Kingslayers, and in Season 9, we are actually the King.”

RSG PH celebrates its MPL PH Season 9 victory.


With the MPL PH Season 9 championship title in its hands, RSG PH shall face a new challenge in the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2022.

Keep up with the live scores, schedule, stream links, and more with AFK Gaming's hub for the MPL PH Season 9.

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