Dogie Says Silent Treatment Plagued Nexplay EVOS' Bid For MPL PH Championship


Dogie Says Silent Treatment Plagued Nexplay EVOS' Bid For MPL PH Championship

John Dave Rossel
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Nexplay EVOS had an early exit in the MPL PH Season 9 playoffs after losing against ONIC PH.
According to Dogie, players were too shy or afraid to voice out their concerns which may have affected Nexplay EVOS' performance.
Nexplay EVOS coach, Dogie admits he doubted H2wo due to the jungler rarely joining scrim sessions.

Nexplay EVOS had an early exit in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 9 playoffs. The team finished 5th-6th place after losing against ONIC PH on the first day of the playoffs stage. Through a vlog posted on YouTube, Nexplay EVOS’ coach Setsuna "Dogie" Ignacio explained what caused the team’s fallout this season. According to him, the team kept doing the “Silent Treatment” and rarely talked with each other regarding training or issues. This may have affected the team’s chemistry as the team’s veteran jungler John "H2wo" Paul Salonga rarely joined scrim sessions and did not complain about it.

Dogie reveals Nexplay EVOS’ issue behind the scene

The fan-favorite team of the MPL PH Season 9, Nexplay EVOS had an amazing regular season run. Despite the team receiving a penalty for arriving late in one of its matches, the team kept its playoff spot secured before the regular season concluded.

However, the team’s playoff run was short-lived with the team losing to ONIC PH and finishing in 5th-6th place. Fans complained about Dogie not maximizing H2wo’s capabilities by giving him more chances to play. While Dogie admits that some of these issues were his fault, the coach revealed there are more issues plaguing the team behind the scene.

“So a lot of people say ‘Dogs[Dogie] did not allow H2wo to play, he’s the reason [the team lost]’ yes it’s my fault, I can’t deny that I said that to H2[wo],” stated Dogie.

According to him, the reason for Nexplay EVO’s early exit was due to the members not voicing their concerns behind the scene, especially H2wo who was frequently excluded during scrim sessions in favor of the team’s rookie Michael "MP the King" Endino.

“My reason? He [H2wo] needs to learn a lesson. He should scrim, if you weren’t allowed to scrim, talk to them, the head coach[John "Zico" Michael Dizon]. Ask them what’s the problem,” said Dogie.

The Nexplay EVOS coach added that this “Silent Treatment” issue was bugging him as he was someone who prefered voicing out his concerns all the time.“I will tell you your mistakes, and you should tell me my mistakes too,” stated Dogie. “But the problem with the whole team is- coach, player, silent treatment.”

Dogie stated that most players are afraid or too shy to complain to the coaches, giving them a hard time figuring out what needs to be done to improve the team’s performance.“Why would you be shy? If you want to win, you shouldn’t be shy,” the Nexplay EVOS coach said.

However, he apologized to H2wo for doubting him since the star jungler rarely joins scrim sessions and has only been grinding in Ranked Games.“Bro, I’m really sorry. You already know what I said to you,” stated Dogie.”I rarely see you and I want you to learn… if you want something don’t stay quiet. You get it, grab it, talk to them, voice it out.”

Nexplay EVOS will be looking to redeem itself in the next season of the MPL PH. Until then, the players will be working on improving their team chemistry.

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