Dogie Takes a Shot at MobaZane's Limited Hero Pool in MLBB


Dogie Takes a Shot at MobaZane's Limited Hero Pool in MLBB

John Dave Rossel
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Dogie reveals that MobaZane has shown interest in visiting Nexplay EVOS' Bootcamp.
Dogie doesn't mind if MobaZane want's to visit their Bootcamp but the BTK captain will have to travel by himself.
Dogie stated that MobaZane should switch to playing COD Mobile since he only plays marksman heroes in MLBB.

As BloodThirstyKings’ (BTK) team captain Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun continues his journey in the Philippines’ Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) server, the pro player has expanded his hero pool quite significantly. He has been visiting various bootcamps and playing with various pro players from teams such as Bren Esports. When the BTK Captain asked Nexplay EVOS’ coach Setsuna "Dogie" Ignacio if he could pay a visit to their bootcamp, the coach agreed but MobaZane would need to travel by himself. Dogie then went on to make fun of the BTK captain’s lack of hero pool, stating that MobaZane should switch to playing Call of Duty (COD): Mobile if all he can play are marksman heroes in MLBB.

MobaZane wants to visit Nexplay EVOS Bootcamp

During one of Dogies’ livestreams, the Nexplay EVOS coach revealed that MobaZane has shown interest in visiting the team’s bootcamp. While Dogie doesn’t mind, he stated that MobaZane should learn to travel by himself as he has no intention of picking him up.

“He can come here but I won’t pick him up. He needs to learn how to ride a bus, to commute,” said the Nexplay EVOS coach.

Dogie added that he doesn’t mind if MobaZane visits their bootcamp. The coach then proceeded to call MobaZane “weak” and underqualified to join Nexplay.

“We’ll never know, maybe after MobaZane visits, he would say ‘Oh Dogs, I like you Bootcamp, can I join?’ then I will say ‘No, you cannot join because you’re weak’,” said Dogie. “You only know YSS [Yi-Sun Shin].”

The Nexplay EVOS coach the added that in all seriousness, he can’t pick up MobaZane due to traffic conditions. This will also serve as an experience for the BTK captain on how bad the traffic is in the Philippines.

“Let him travel to EDSA [Manila Highway], I don't care. So he can feel it [traffic] and say ‘Wooh, Philippines, very good, I like the traffic!’,” Dogie explained.

Dogie makes fun of MobaZane’s limited hero pool in MLBB

While talking about COD Mobile, the game he’s been streaming lately, Dogie suggested that MobaZane should switch his career to the mobile shooter title.

“If he just uses marksman in Mobile Legends, he should just play CODM [COD Mobile],” said Dogie.

The BTK captain is known for his very specific mastery of marksman heroes as a jungler. His signature hero is Yi-Sun Shin who is no longer that viable in the current meta in MLBB. However, MobaZane is now trying to expand his hero pool by playing with and against the top-performing MLBB pro players in the Philippines and gaining feedback from them.

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