Bren Esports Lusty Thinks MobaZane Needs to Play More Assassin Heroes


Bren Esports Lusty Thinks MobaZane Needs to Play More Assassin Heroes

John Dave Rossel
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Bren Esports' Lusty shared his thoughts on MobaZane's playstyle in MLBB.
According to Lusty, MobaZane needs to play more Assassins to adjust to the meta in MLBB.
Lusty also commended MobaZane's swift jungle rotations and mastery of marksman heroes.

BloodThirstyKing’s team captain, Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun continued his journey in discovering the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) meta in the Philippines. The pro player got the chance to play some of the strongest MLBB pro players and has learned more jungle techniques to improve his playstyle. He also learned a few Philippines cultures such as eating Balut. His recent activity was playing with Bren Esports’ talented players including Allan “Lusty” Castromayor Jr.and Dale Rolan “Stowm” Vidor. In a Facebook post by Lusty, it was revealed that MobaZane went into the Bren Esports Bootcamp and teamed up with its players.

Lusty shared his thoughts on MobaZane’s playstyle

Through a report by Spin.PH, Bren Esports’ veteran roamer Lusty shared what he had observed of MobaZane's performance during their livestream on 13th April. According to the veteran player, MobaZane is a master of his own craft but may need to adjust to the new meta.

“I think he’s okay, but he needs to practice assassins. Assassins is the new meta in the jungle.” said Lusty.

Lusty added that he is impressed with MobaZane’s quick jungle rotations. However, the pro player will need to move out of his comfort picks and try more assassin heroes to keep up with the Philippines' meta.

During the live stream, fans requested that the BTK team captain use Lancelot or Fanny, one of the popular assassins in the current meta, Zane refused the challenge.

“He [MobaZane] rotates fast, but the problem is he doesn’t play assassins,” Lusty said.

Despite MobaZane’s lack of an assassin hero pool, the pro player was able to keep up with Bren Esports during the livestream. Back in the M3 World Championship, he was able to surprise fans with his team’s impressive performance. However, with a predictable hero pool, MobaZane was out drafted by ONIC PH and could only finish third place.

Fans often compare MobaZane to the likes of Blacklist International's Danerie James "Wise" Del Rosario who is also adept at using Marksman junglers. However, Wise is also known for a wide variety of heroes such as his iconic Aldous gameplay that can one-shot opponents in the late game.

MobaZane’s training in the Philippines continues as he learns more from the top-performing MLBB pro players in the region. Fans may be seeing MobaZane trying out new playstyles in the future.

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