BTK's MobaZane Thinks that PH is the Hardest MLBB Server in the World

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>BTK's MobaZane Thinks that PH is the Hardest MLBB Server in the World</p></div>
BTK's MobaZane Thinks that PH is the Hardest MLBB Server in the World


BTK's team captain MobaZane has arrived in the Philippines and has played with various pro players, streamers, and casual players in the region.
MobaZane shared his thoughts about the Jungle Emblem meta in the MLBB PH server.
the team captain also stated that he doesn't like being forced to use the Jungle Emblem just to keep up with the enemy Jungler.

BloodThirstyKings’ (BTK) team captain Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun has recently arrived in the Philippines (PH). The pro player hopes to experience the region’s Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) meta, ahead of the M4 World Championship. After playing with and against streamers, pro players, and local players, MobaZane was overwhelmed with how formidable the players are in this region when compared to the North American (NA) players. Despite having a hard time adjusting to the meta, he is looking forward to playing with more PH players and improving his playstyle. MobaZane has also started adjusting his jungle playstyle by adopting the recently introduced Jungle Emblem meta in PH.

MobaZane impressed by how competitive the region is compared to NA

BTK is currently the strongest MLBB team in NA. However, the stagnant MLBB esports scene in the region made BTK’s team captain MobaZane consider traveling to the SEA region in search of a much more competitive environment. After months of planning, the pro player arrived in PH, where he shall hone his skills and learn more about the region’s meta.

In one of his livestreams, MobaZane admitted that he had a hard time winning against PH players in ranked matches. He even proclaimed that PH is the “Hardest server in the world.”

“I think I knew it was going to be hard,” said MobaZane. “I’m not too upset, I’m just a little bit shocked.”

MobaZane added that he will get better eventually with more practice and also acknowledged the importance of the Jungle Emblem, which is currently the staple emblem for junglers in the PH MLBB meta.

MobaZane shared his thoughts about the Jungle Emblem meta

Right after switching to Jungle Emblem, the BTK captain noticed an improvement in his playstyle and even earned his first match Most Valuable Player (MVP) award with his Yi Sun-Shin in the PH server.

“I think Jungle Emblem might be a requirement,” said MobaZane. “It’s not about the Retri [bution], but when the enemy jungle has it, they just out-rotate you, out-farm you.”

Even though the Jungle Emblem proved to be an amazing one to use, MobaZane does not like it. He felt like he was forced to use it to keep up with enemy junglers, even when he did not personally prefer it.

“I think you need the Jungle Emblem, man. Which is a shame that I’m forced to use an emblem that I don’t even like,” said the BTK captain.

MobaZane’s trip to the PH region made him realize how big of a difference each region’s meta is. By learning the region’s most effective strategies, MobaZane may be able to improve BTK’s playstyle to secure a spot in the upcoming M4 World Championship.

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