MobaZane to Stay with BloodThirstyKings for M4 World Championship


MobaZane to Stay With BloodThirstyKings for M4 World Championship

John Dave Rossel
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MobaZane may travel to the Philippines just for content and to have a good time. He will not be competing in the MPL PH.
BloodThirstyKings will be vying for a slot in the M4 World Championship.
MobaZane is worried if he will be able to stream in the Philippines without lagging.

BloodThirstyKings’ (BTK) team captain, Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun, revealed that he may stay with the team and compete in this year’s M4 World Championship. The pro player revealed that due to the Southeast Asian (SEA) teams being busy with their respective regions' Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Professional League (MPL) seasons, he may need to postpone his plan of joining a team from the Philippines (PH) or Indonesia (ID). MobaZane thinks he may travel to the Philippines and Indonesia just for content but will lead BTK in the upcoming M4 World Championship. The pro player also addressed his concerns regarding the problems he may face once he arrives in the Philippines.

MobaZane changes his plans for competing in SEA MPL regions

Through one of his recent livestreams, MobaZane revealed that this year may not be a good time to compete in one of the SEA regions. He added that he may just go there and enjoy himself and make content for his fans.

“I might go there just for content,” MobaZane said. “I might just stay in NA for M4 (World Championship).”

After the conclusion of MLBB’s world series event, MobaZane thinks that may be a good time to start scouting for potential SEA teams that he could join. When fans asked about his discussions with Setsuna "Dogie" Ignacio, MobaZane revealed that he found it hard to reach out to him due to the ongoing MPL PH Season 9.

The BTK captain revealed that he found it hard to communicate with other Philippines teams as well due to them being busy competing in the league.

“I’ve been talking with Boot Camps but they’re just busy with MPL right now,” said MobaZane.

The team captain added that maybe if it was the off-season of the MPL, then he may be able to communicate with other Philippines teams.

MobaZane addresses concerns about Philippines' internet connections being slow

During the stream, MobaZane reveals that he is worried about the Philippines’ internet connections. The BTK captain added that he wants to find a good hotel or a place to stay where he can stream MLBB without any network issues.

“If I just get a hotel, I don’t think it’s good enough WiFi to play ML and stream and it would be lagging like crazy,” said MobaZane.

He added that even in the United States (US), the hotel Wifi is still unsatisfactory for him. MobaZane thinks this is one of the bigger issues for him and something that he needs to consider once he is in the Philippines.

MobaZane has been considering moving to one of the SEA regions in hopes of joining an MPL team and competing as a pro player. Due to the travel restriction brought by the pandemic and due to teams being unable to entertain him because of the ongoing MPL season, MobaZane may have to stay with BTK for now and compete for a spot in the M4 World Championship.

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