MobaZane to travelling alone as BTK members cancel their trip to PH


MobaZane Traveling Alone as BTK Members Cancel Their Trip to the Philippines

John Dave Rossel
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MobaZane reveals that he may be the only one to travel to the Philippines to experience its MLBB Esports scene.
According to MobaZane, he is trying to reach out to other Filipino teams to ensure a smooth transition to the Philippines.
FwydChickn explained his reasons for not going with MobaZane to the Philippines.

BloodThirstyKing’s (BTK) team captain, Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun, reveals his eagerness to travel to the Philippines (PH) as soon as possible to experience its Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) esports scene. After an indirect discussion with Nexplay EVOS’ Setsuna Dogie Ignacio, MobaZane revealed that he may be traveling alone as his teammates have canceled their trip. According to Ian “FwydChickn” Hohl, he won’t be joining the team captain as he will be focusing on his education first before pursuing MLBB esports. Due to this, MobaZane stated that he may be traveling sooner than expected as he no longer has to wait for his teammates to make preparations.

MobaZane wants to move out of North America as soon as possible

In one of his livestreams, MobaZane revealed that he has been trying to reach out to Dogie regarding his travel plans to the Philippines and possibly experience its MLBB esports scene. However, their communication is a bit too slow for MobaZane to make a decision.

“I’m trying to figure stuff out with Dogie but he doesn’t really respond too fast so it’s hard to formulate some plans,” he said.

MobaZane added that he would try to contact other teams or people he knows that might help him in making plans for his transition to the PH MLBB esports scene.

“I’m going to try and get in contact with other people, another team from the MPL. I have somewhat of an idea because my friend is a friend of an MPL team,” the BTK captain said.

While MobaZane did not reveal the name of the team or his friend, he hinted that he is referring to a team that is doing a bit better than Nexplay EVOS.

The BTK captain also revealed that he is excited to travel to the Philippines and if possible, he would like to leave immediately.

“I wanna go like, in a week, even sooner,” MobaZane said. “I could go tomorrow, really, I’m trying to get out ASAP.”

He added that even if he can’t get help from Dogie and even if his team members won’t be coming with him to the Philippines, he is still determined to go.

FwydChickn explains why he can’t go with MobaZane to the Philippines

On one of FwydChickn’s livestream, he revealed his reasons as to why he won’t be joining MobaZane on his trip to the Philippines to pursue MLBB esports.

His first reason is that he doesn’t want to miss a lot in school. FwydChickn added that one week of missing out on school alone is problematic for him. His second reason is that plane tickets are expensive and he wants to make his stay in the Philippines worthwhile.

“Not necessarily plane tickets but it’s just so expensive and my parents are making me pay for it and I’d rather save the money when I plan to stay for like a month instead of just two weeks,” he added.

His third reason is that he wants MobaZane to make a first impression for the Filipino fanbase as he is the most popular out of all the BTK members.

“They’re more focused on him than they are of me, so it makes more sense for him to go and then I can come later when I graduate,” FwydChickn said.

The fourth reason was regarding the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. While FwydChickn knows that the Philippines has nothing to do with it, he is slightly bothered by this issue and he thinks it’s not the right time to move out of North America just yet.

More importantly, he wants to catch up on his education as he has been missing out a lot in school and that is stressing him out.

“You can say I put in no work, but you try missing a whole month of school and then just making it all up at once, I was burnt out,” he said.

If MobaZane does get a chance to travel to the Philippines, it will be interesting to see how he adjusts to the ever-evolving meta of the PH MLBB esports scene.

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