Team SouL Coach Amit Dubey Opens Up About Goblin's Performance

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Amit Dubey opens up about Goblin's recent performance.</p></div>

Amit Dubey opens up about Goblin's recent performance.


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Coach Amit Dubey addressed concerns about Goblin's performance and acknowledged that his playing style often results in highs and lows.
Amit emphasized that Goblin recognizes his mistakes and puts in the effort to regain his hunger and reach his previous level of performance.
Coach Amit also touched upon Goblin's exceptional performance in the BGMI Pro Series Season 1 and how it set high expectations for him.

There is no doubt that Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is one of the most popular esports titles in India. One prominent organization actively involved in the game’s esports landscape is Team SouL, which has established itself as one of the top teams in India with its stellar lineup and gained a loyal fanbase. Just like any other team that is looking to clinch the top spot in the esport, Team SouL seems to be its harshest critic, wanting every member of the team to push hard. This was evident during a recent livestream where Team SouL’s BGMI coach Amit Dubey addressed the recent performance of Harsh "Goblin" Paudwal, assaulter for Team SouL.

Amit Talks About SouL Goblin’s Performance  

During a recent livestream, a viewer expressed concern about whether Goblin had lost his hunger after his victory in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series - Season 1. Amit responded by saying that he had spoken to Goblin about this issue just the day before. He recalled telling Goblin during his conversation, “When we started, looking at you felt like looking at the most passionate player of India, it does not feel the same way now.

Amit clarified that Goblin's recent performance was not intentional but rather a result of his playing style. Unlike some players who maintain consistent performance, Goblin's performance graph has many highs and lows. Amit confidently stated that despite his downfalls, Goblin always makes a comeback and puts in the effort to reach his potential.

Amit then replied to the viewer and said, “Whatever you said, I cannot accept it, I cannot deny it either.” According to him, whenever Goblin's performance dips, he is able to recognize his mistakes and regain his hunger to be at the top.

Team SouL consists of Sahil "Omega" Jakhar, Harsh "Goblin" Paudwal, Sohail "Hector" Shaikh, Akshat "AkshaT" Goel, and Amit Dubey as the coach. The team won the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series - Season 1 and Goblin's performance in the tournament was exceptional. He not only secured the victory but also received many accolades, such as MVP, Rampage Freak, Fan Favorite Player, Player of the Day 2, Player of the Day 3, and Player of the Day 4. He earned a prize of INR 7,50,000 for his dominant performance.

The tournament turned out to be the last official event before the game’s ban. However, since the return of the game, Team SouL has showcased its skills, with Tanmay "Scout" Singh even naming it as one of his top three teams.

Amit mentioned that even during Goblin's downfall, people continued to talk about him. After the final day of the BGMI Pro Series, Goblin had a total of 71 finishes and he wasn't expected to deliver an outstanding performance. Amit stated that Goblin has now set unreal standards and is expected to maintain that level with each upcoming tournament. He also acknowledged that people have high expectations from Team SouL as well as Goblin now.

Soul Goblin in BGMI Pro Series Season 1

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With the rumored return of the BGIS Season 2, fans are buzzing with excitement to see where their favorite teams will end up. It will be interesting to see if Goblin can replicate his exceptional performance from Season 1 and rewrite history once again.

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