BTK MobaZane Looking To Add More Players for MSC 2023

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>BTK MobaZane Looking To Add More Players for MSC 2023</p></div>
BTK MobaZane Looking To Add More Players for MSC 2023


MobaZane shares that a roster update may be needed for the MSC 2023.
Two of his players TEA, the EXP Laner, and Yato, the Mid Laner, can't travel outside the US.
MobaZane gave hints that he already has one EXP Laner in mind who would fit nicely with BTK's lineup for MSC 2023.

BloodThirstyKings (BTK) pulled off an epic comeback in the grand finals of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) North America Challenger Tournament (NACT) Spring Split 2023. The squad was able to take down this season’s favorite, Outplay, with a 4-3 score. BTK now prepares to represent North America (NA) in the upcoming Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2023, but a few hurdles have emerged which may force the team to add more players to its roster. During a pre-match interview, before the grand finals series, BTK team captain Michael "MobaZane" Cosgun shared the team’s issues if they won the mid-season ticket and how he plans to fix it.

BTK to add more members due to VISA issues with some players

In one of the interviews posted by MLBB NA, MobaZane shared that he may need to add an EXP and Mid Laner if BTK managed to win the MSC 2023 ticket. This is due to the fact that TEA and Yato can’t travel outside the United States (US).

“Because TEA is 15 [years old], there’s no way he’s leaving the country. He actually doesn’t have his passport… so he could travel in the US but he can’t travel to MSC (Cambodia),” MobaZane explained.

He also added that “Yato couldn’t travel either, so those two would be forced to change [roster].”

When asked which players he is considering adding to the roster, the BTK team captain is still undecided on who fits the lineup.

“I have an EXP [laner] in mind…. For Mage, I would have to think a little bit,” explained MobaZane.

A lot of fans speculated that the EXP Laner he mentioned could be his former teammate and good friend, Ian "FwydChickn" Hohl. However, the FwydChickn revealed in one of his previous livestreams that he plans to skip MSC 2023 in hopes of joining a non-NA team so as to experience an official Mobile Legends Professional League event.

However, considering FwydChickn is one of the original members of the BTK squad and has played alongside MobaZane in every major tournament, his addition to the squad would be a big boost in terms of chemistry.

MobaZane is yet to officially confirm who will be BTK’s new EXP and Mid Laner. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more information in the near future.

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