Is It Worth It? MobaZane Reflects on Competing at MSC 2023


Is It Worth It? MobaZane Reflects on Competing at MSC 2023

John Dave Rossel
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MobaZane shared on a livestream how it would be interesting if he didn't bother competing in the MSC 2023.
According to MobaZane, whether he does well or not in the MSC 2023, he will still get flamed by haters.
MobaZane is still determined to try and win the NACT Spring 2023 and secure a slot in the MSC 2023.

The team captain of BloodThirstKings (BTK), Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun thinks it would be better if he doesn’t compete in the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2023. The squad is currently competing in the North America Challenger Tournaments (NACT) Spring 2023 for a slot in the upcoming international event. According to MobaZane, whether he does good or bad in the tournament, he will still get flamed by haters either way. He also added that it would be interesting to see how the tournament goes if his team isn’t the NA representative. Despite this, he will still try to win the NACT Spring 2023 tournament and qualify for MSC 2023.

MobaZane thinks MSC 2023 would be interesting without him participating

Through a livestream, MobaZane shared his thoughts regarding the upcoming MSC 2023. According to him, it would be a breath of fresh air to see a new North American (NA) team represent the region in international tournaments for a change.

“I think it’d be pretty funny if I didn’t go to MSC because who knows what’s gonna happen,” he said.

MobaZane has been one of the most iconic faces in the NA Mobile Legends esports scene. He has competed in the M3 and M4 World Championships and has traveled through various regions in Southeast Asia just to train and improve his playstyle. However, he is often criticized for his very vocal personality and controversial statements.

With Bloodthirsty Kings (BTK) currently vying for an MSC 2023 slot, MobaZane thinks his performance wouldn’t matter much as he will get criticized either way.

“It’s probably better if I don’t go. [I’m] gonna get flamed if I do good or bad in MSC anyways,” he explained.

Despite this, MobaZane is still determined to compete in the NACT Spring 2023 and aim for an MSC 2023 slot. 

“Of course, I’ll still try to go but it would be funny to watch [MSC 2023] without me,” he said.

BTK is currently sitting in third place with a 5-3 score in the regular season of the NACT Spring 2023. Its biggest rival is TheOhioBrothers who is currently at 1st place with a flawless 8-0 record and Ackerman at 2nd place with a 7-1 score.

It shall be interesting to see which NA team will be the representative in the upcoming MSC 2023.

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