BGMI Team PowerHouse Disbanded After Hacking Allegations

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Snehilop, a Youtuber, had provided proof against PowerHouse for using hacks in a tournament.
After a thorough investigation PowerHouse’s owner posted a message and conveyed that the team has been disbanded.

In a shocking turn of events, the world of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) esports is abuzz with accusations of hacking against PowerHouse. Youtuber Snehil "Snehil" Saxena, a prominent figure within the BGMI community, has presented alleged evidence of unethical conduct during a recent weekly tournament organized by Zeal Esports. The video points towards the use of hacks by PowerHouse.

PowerHouse disbanded after hacking allegations arise  

In a recent video, Snehil not only exposed PowerHouse for using hacks but also shed light on the perspectives of other teams who had accused them of engaging in unethical practices.

During a weekly tournament hosted by Zeal Esports, YouTuber Creative Pavan and his team fell victim to PowerHouse, being eliminated by them. In the aftermath of their defeat, a member from Creative Pavan's team shared their point of view regarding the tournament's events.

Subsequently, following the match, PowerHouse players were summoned by their management to inspect their mobile devices. To everyone's surprise, it was uncovered that some members of PowerHouse had been in communication with an individual selling hacks. Numerous screenshots revealed these players actively seeking out and requesting hacks.

With this startling revelation now public, Gaurav Dhankar, the owner of PowerHouse, launched a thorough investigation and made the bold decision to disband the entire PowerHouse lineup. He took to social media to announce, "PowerHouse lineup is disbanded from now on."

Dhankar extended his gratitude to Snehil and Glock Gaming for providing the incriminating evidence. He also acknowledged that he had previously only heard one side of the story from the players, highlighting the importance of a comprehensive understanding of such matters.

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