BGIS 2023 Losers Bracket: Dates, Format, Qualified Teams and More

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BGIS 2023 Losers Bracket


The Losers Bracket started on 28th September with seasoned teams like Numen Gaming, Velocity Gaming, Team X Spark and Revenant Esports.
The 64 teams participating in this round are divided into 4 groups and top 4 teams from each group will proceed to the Semi Finals.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 has been one of the toughest competitions as underdog teams have shown their prowess and have eliminated some of the experienced teams from the event.

Round 4 of BGIS 2023 has concluded and out of the 64 teams that played this round, the top 16 teams have proceeded to the Semi Finals. The remaining 48 teams will play in the Losers Bracket along with the teams that have already qualified from Round 3.

Losers Bracket Format, Groups and Qualified Teams

A total of 64 teams will be participating in the Losers Bracket and they will be divided into 4 groups of 16 teams each. The top 4 teams from each group will proceed to the Semi Finals. Each group will play 6 six matches each. The 64 teams consist of 48 teams from Round 4 and 16 teams ranked from 65th to 80th place in Round 3.

These are the teams and their groups for the Losers Bracket: 

Group A

  • Nade Officials

  • Numen Gaming

  • Team Psyche

  • BR Vintage

  • DMW Esports

  • Midwave Esports

  • Five Filter Esports

  • Team Mayavi

  • Redemption Crew

  • Nest Esports

  • Team Invincible

  • CrossKill Esports

  • TWOB

  • Gujarat Tigers

  • Do or Die

  • UK07

Group B

  • LOC Esports

  • Lucknow Giants

  • Big Brother Esports

  • Team Systumm

  • Medal Esports

  • Velocity Gaming

  • Great Esports

  • Team S4EL

  • Team Fly Esports

  • 1M Officials

  • Stellar Titans

  • Team CRUZ

  • 7Shore Esports

  • Team VST

  • Team T7S

  • Hindustan Gaming

Group C

  • Dragon Esports

  • BurnX Officials

  • Revenant Esports

  • 7Habit

  • Trouble Makers

  • Silly Esports

  • Road to Glory

  • Metal Wings

  • Hyderabad Hydras

  • Grind One Esports

  • X7 Wolves

  • Team No Ones

  • Team GWL

  • NFEXFFR Esports

  • CS Esports

  • Team Empire

Group D

  • Hub Esports

  • Rivalry Esports

  • Bloodrose Esports

  • Kerela Esports

  • Claw Esports

  • Dsync Esports

  • Team INS

  • Enigma Gaming

  • Mici Esports

  • ACID Esports

  • Team XSpark

  • SPY Esports

  • Infamous Hackers

  • BR Titans

  • 4Trouble Maker

  • ORB Esports

The Losers Bracket also has special cards like the finish and placement cards which can be used by each team once in the six matches. Using the finish card will grant 2x points for each finish secured in the match. Teams that will use the placement card will get 1.5x the placement points secured in that particular match.

Losers Bracket matches Dates and How to watch?

The Losers Bracket started on 28th September and shall end on 1st October.

Similar to the previous rounds, the Losers Bracket matches will begin at 1 pm and can be viewed on the Jio Cinema App or the Krafton India Esports official YouTube channel

Seasoned teams like Revenant Esports, Velocity Gaming, Team X Spark, Numen Gaming and Enigma Gaming will be playing the Losers Bracket and fans are hoping that these teams will bring their A game and grab a spot in the Semi Finals.

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