Krafton Adds Special Power Cards for BGIS 2023 Losers Bracket



Krafton Adds Special Power Cards for BGIS 2023 Losers Bracket

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Krafton's innovative Special Power Cards in BGIS Losers Bracket: Risk vs. Reward for strategic gameplay.
BGIS 2023's wild card – Special Power Cards: Unlock 1.5x position points or go all-in with 2x finishes.
64 teams, 16 Semifinal spots, intense battles, and game-changing Special Power Cards.

BGIS 2023 Losers Bracket is set to commence on September 28th, with 64 teams from earlier stages vying for the coveted 16 slots in the Semifinals. This bracket encompasses the 65th to 80th-placed squads from Round 3 and the bottom 48 from Round 4, providing them with a unique chance to secure a Semifinals berth.

Krafton Introduces Special Power Cards for BGIS 2023 Losers Bracket

Krafton has unveiled an exciting twist for BGIS 2023 – Special Power Cards designed exclusively for the Losers Bracket. These cards promise to inject a new layer of excitement and strategy into the competition, providing teams with two distinct options: Position Cards and Finish Cards.

Adding to the intrigue, Krafton has placed limitations on the use of these Special Power Cards. Each team can deploy a maximum of two cards throughout their six matches in the Losers Bracket. This restriction forces teams to carefully consider when and how to utilize these game-changing cards.

Position Cards: One choice available to teams in the Losers Bracket is the Position Card. This card triggers a substantial 1.5x multiplier on the position points for the selected match. However, it comes with a calculated risk, as teams must survive the match to reap the benefits.

Finish Cards: Alternatively, teams can opt for the Finish Card, a bolder choice that grants them an impressive 2x multiplier on their finish points for the chosen match. This high-risk, high-reward strategy is tailor-made for teams with aggressive gameplay styles.

While Krafton has yet to reveal the names of the 16 teams advancing from Round 3, the Losers Bracket boasts several well-known squads from Round 4 who failed to secure Semifinals berths. This includes Team XSpark, Velocity, Hyderabad Hydras, Numen, Revenant, and Medal, all facing a make-or-break situation as they strive to reclaim their ideal form and earn a spot in the BGIS Semifinals.

In conclusion, Krafton's introduction of Special Power Cards has added an exciting twist to the BGIS 2023 Losers Bracket, ensuring that this season remains unpredictable and fiercely competitive. With the dynamics of the tournament evolving and the inclusion of these cards, BGIS 2023 continues to captivate esports enthusiasts worldwide.

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