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Sid Talks About BGMI Losing Its Hype Because of Hackers

Umesh Borkar
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Sid says some of the players have been blatantly hacking in the tournaments and T1 players are frustrated because of this issue.
Sid also talks about BGMI losing its value in coming years if such hackers and cheaters are not stopped.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is one of the most popular battle royale games in India. A number of esports athletes as well as content creators have achieved success due to the game.

Hackers are not an unknown entity in BGMI. In the past many players, esports athletes and content creators have been caught hacking and using unethical means to gain an unfair advantage. Krafton has taken severe steps and banned such players from playing BGMI.

S8UL Siddhant “Sid” Joshi in a recent live stream talked about hackers in the ongoing BGMI tournaments and how some of them are even blatantly using hacks.

Sid says hackers are the reason BGMI has been losing its Hype

In a recent live stream Sid revealed that hackers are one of the reasons that BGMI has been losing its hype in India. He also mentioned that even Tier 1 (T1) players are frustrated due to this issue. 

He said, “Some players are blatantly hacking in BGIS 2023 and I don’t know when the officials will look into it. Just imagine what is stopping a T1 player from using these hacks. Why shouldn’t a T1 Player use these hacks. Most of the experienced teams have been eliminated from the tournament by these hackers”.

When a viewer said that Sid shouldn't feed such ideas to T1 players, he responded that, “I know that 99% of the T1 players will never do it because of ethics and there is a chance of a lifetime ban. But what is stopping them from using hacks, because no teams or players in the tournaments are getting banned for using hacks. I was just thinking that the game is losing its value because of such hackers. I hope the officials do take some steps for this. If no steps are taken then the game will lose all its value in the coming years.”

Several experienced teams from The Grind, unable to secure a spot in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 main event, participated in the open qualifiers. Unfortunately, during these open qualifiers, many of these seasoned teams encountered a significant issue – hackers. Krafton released a list of disqualified teams, issuing bans to those who had violated the event's rules.

These measures aimed to ensure fair and competitive gameplay in BGIS 2023, but did not address the teams affected in the qualifiers. Fans are hoping that Krafton takes quicker actions against hackers and cheaters, as legit players who are practicing and grinding everyday are being denied an opportunity to showcase their abilities by such hackers and cheaters.

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