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BGIS 2023 Round 4 Recap: Teams Qualified for the Semi Finals

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Team Soul, Blind Esports, Gods Reign and Gladiator Esports have shown their experience and dominated Round 4 of BGIS 2023.
Some of the seasoned teams like Team X Spark, Velocity Gaming and Numen Gaming did not qualify for the Semi Finals and will play the Losers Bracket.

Round 4 of Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 saw one of the toughest battles between experienced and underdog teams. Some of the seasoned teams have found it difficult to counter underdog teams and were not able to grab a spot in the Semi Finals.

BGIS 2023 Round 4 has concluded and teams like Team Soul, Team Insane, Marcos Gaming and Blind Esports have dominated the event. On the other hand, some experienced teams like Team X Spark, Numen Gaming and Revenant Esports were not able to proceed to the Semi Finals.

BGIS 2023 Round 4 Summary

BGIS 2023 Round 4 had all the teams compete online. The 64 teams were divided into 4 groups of 16 teams each. Day 1 and 2 of Round 4 had Groups A and B competing and Day 3 and 4 had Groups C and D.

Group A: Team Soul dominated Group A by playing a position based game and showed consistent performances in all the six matches. It was one of the two teams that crossed the 100 points mark in Round 4. TWM Gaming and WSB Gaming also showed consistent performances and were able to grab a spot in the Semi Finals.

Group B: Blind Esports, Gladiator Esports, Team X Spark, Hyderabad Hydras and Velocity Gaming were the seasoned teams in this group. Blind Esports dominated Group B and was the only team along with Team Soul to cross the 100 points mark. Gladiator Esports had a slow start but soon caught up with other teams and was able to secure a spot in the Semi Finals along with Blind Esports.

Group C: Marcos Gaming was placed on the top of the table in Group C as it showed good teamwork throughout all the matches. Although Gods Reign was not able to get a chicken dinner it had a good mix of kills and placement points and was placed second on the overall points table. 7 Habit was placed second after its first three matches on Day 3 but was unable to continue and slipped to the 9th spot after Day 4. 

Group D: The experienced teams like Team Insane and OR Esports were placed in the top 4 in Group D but both of them were without a chicken dinner to their name. LOC Esports secured a chicken dinner on Day 4 but missed the chance to grab a place in the Semi Finals by just 3 points. Titan FTW made an incredible comeback on Day 4 as it secured 49 points in three matches and also a spot in the Semi Finals.

Here are the 16 teams that have qualified for the Semi Finals:

  • Team Soul

  • TWM Gaming

  • Night Owls

  • WSB Gaming

  • Blind Esports

  • Glitchx Reborn

  • Gladiators Esports

  • Autobotz Esports

  • Team Insane

  • Growing Strong

  • OR Esports

  • Titan FTW

  • Marcos Gaming

  • Gods Reign

  • Brave Esports

  • 4 Aggressive Man

Some of the seasoned teams like Team X Spark, Numen Gaming, Revenant Esports and Velocity Gaming have failed to qualify for the Semi Finals and will play the Losers Brackets starting from 28th September. Fans are hoping that the experienced teams bring their A game and grab a spot in the Semi Finals.

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