Night Owls Accused of Hacking and Identity Theft in BGIS 2023

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BGIS 2023


Cleo from Night Owls has been accused of hacking in BGIS 2023 Round 4.
The team has also been accused of stealing the name and logo from NightOwl Esports.

Several teams in Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 have faced difficulties in the online qualification rounds and have been eliminated from the event. Hackers and cheaters are one of the reasons teams have been eliminated.

Hackers are not an unknown entity in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Krafton recently disqualified and banned several teams from BGIS 2023 for breaking the rules  of its rulebook. 

Night Owls, an underdog squad, was one of the teams who dominated Day 1 of BGIS 2023 Round 4. After the team’s matches concluded several suspicious clips were shared by a Youtuber named Snehil “Snehilop” Saxena on his Instagram.

Night Owls face hacking and identity theft allegations

Snehil is a popular Youtuber who had provided several shreds of proof in the past against teams that were hacking in BGIS 2023. He has now shared some suspicious clips of Night Owls from Round 4 of BGIS 2023. The clips shared were from a particular game on Sanhok, a map in BGMI. Cleo, a player from Night Owls, took 12 solo finishes on Sanhok after which the suspicious clips came to light. He has been accused of using Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), a wall hack.

The team has also been accused of identity theft by NightOwl Esports. The latter has accused the squad of using its team name and logo for playing BGIS 2023. NightOwl Esports also released a statement which said that the Night Owls playing BGIS 2023 Round 4 is fake and they have stolen its logo and name. The statement read, “This notice is regarding the BGIS, which is going on right now and there is one team in round 4 named Nightowls. They have copied our Name and Logo without asking any permission from us. We would like to tell you guys that we don't have any official and unofficial BGMI team and don't know that team which is playing in BGIS round 4, we don't owned that team, we haven't signed any contract with them or their players and their is some rumor that their player noCleo is using some hacks in game”.

“We don't promote any kind of hacks and we don't know why they are defaming our name by using our official name.We want that team to contact us or strict action will be taken by our side and i request our official NightOwl family and followers to share this post and tag Krafton and Bgmi”.

In response to NightOwl Esports' allegations, the team playing BGIS 2023 i.e. Night Owls, shared a message which said that it manually chose its team name and the logo was taken from the internet. It also said that it is in talks with Krafton to change the name and logo. After this issue Night Owls have now also changed their logo for the time being.

Day 2 of Round 4 starts on 22nd of September. Night Owls dominated Day 1 and placed third in the standings. It will be interesting to see how they play today and whether these allegations will have any effect on them competing ahead.

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