[WATCH] 1 HP Clutch By TSM Entity’s JONATHAN

Nutan Lele
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  • TSM Entity's JONATHAN is considered one of the top fraggers in India.
  • Watch him pull off a 1 HP 3v1 clutch in a PUBG Mobile match.  

In the world of PUBG Mobile stars, there are few who can compete against the stardom and skill that Jonathan “JONATHAN” Amaral has and brings to the table. The teenager has barely spent 2 years in the scene and he is already considered one of the best player India has ever produced. His achievements include the likes of winning PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 and PUBG Mobile Club Open - Fall Split 2019: South Asia as well as coming a commendable 2nd in PUBG Mobile Pro League - Spring Split 2020: South Asia. 

JONATHAN is also an entertaining streamer who regularly brings in thousands of eager fans. His channel on YouTube has taken off with tons of content being uploaded on his channel and regular streams. On one of his streams, he shows off exactly why people consider him one of the best PUBG Mobile players in the country as he pulls off a seemingly impossible ‘1 HP clutch’.


The clip starts with JONATHAN and his teammates riding across the map in a car after which JONATHAN pulls out his gun to shoot at an enemy target. However, soon enough, another car comes and collides with JONATHAN’s car. As expected, a gunfight breaks out between both the parties. Everyone exits their cars and gets into position for the fight.

The enemy meanwhile, deals enough damage to JONATHAN’s car and it explodes. This leads to the player and his party getting injured in the blast. His teammates get knocked out while JONATHAN manages to sneak in a kill before the blast. With just nearly 1 HP, no teammates, and 3 people to kill, the odds certainly weren't in his favour. However, in true JONATHAN fashion, he manages to pull it off. 

With a swerve on the right side and expert spray control, he takes down one enemy. He then goes aggressive and takes another one down. For the final kill, the last guy ends up playing a cat and mouse game with JONATHAN trying to take out the 1 HP player. However, JONATHAN’s quick movements help him win the 1v3.

With precise aim and excellent decision making, JONATHAN is able to make the most of a 1 HP situation.

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