PUBG MOBILE Spring 2020 Individual Awards Compilation

Shounak Sengupta
11/Aug/2020 08:21 am

The 2020 Spring Season is now officially over and as we look ahead to the Fall season, it's important to look back and honor the winners, the players and the teams who entertained us with such an incredibly high level of competition. In the eastern division, Bigetron Red Aliens emerged as the winners in both the league and the finals. This cements their position as the very best team in the world and makes them the first ever two time world champions. Vietnam's BOX Gaming also provided a tough fight in the league stage while South Asia's Orange Rock were inches from securing themselves the win in the finals. 

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In the western division, the competition was split three ways between Cloud9, Loops and Futbolist. Each team had their good days and bad, but Futbolist held to clinch the title. In the league stage, Loops were heads and shoulders above the rest with Carrilho and gang winning by a near 90 point margin. 

PMPL/PMWL Spring Season Winners

PMWL East League - Bigetron Red Aliens

PMWL East Finals - Bigetron Red Aliens

PMWL West League - Loops

PMWL West Finals - Futbolist

PMPL SEA Finals - Yoodo Gank

PMPL Thailand Finals - Valdus The Murder

PMPL Thailand League - RRQ Athena

PMPL Indonesia Finals - Bigetron Red Aliens

PMPL Indonesia League - Bigetron Red Aliens

PMPL South Asia League - Orange Rock Esports

PMPL South Asia Finals - Galaxy Racer-Celtx

PMPL MYSG Finals - Team Secret

PMPL MYSG League - Bapak Ah Esports

PMPL Vietnam Finals - BOX Gaming

PMPL Vietnam League - Matrix United

PMPL Chinese Taipei Finals - U Level Up

PMPL Chinese Taipei League - UNicorn Gaming

PMPL Americas - Loops 

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We also take a look at all the major individual awards for the Spring 2020 season. 

PUBG MOBILE Pro League Season 1

Southeast Asia MVP - Draxx (Yoodo Gank)

Americas MVP - Carrilho (Loops)

South Asia Finals MVP - Clutchgod (TSM-Entity)

South Asia League Stage MVP - Jonathan (TSM-Entity)

PUBG MOBILE World League Season Zero

Fan Favorite Players

Americas - Ayala (Team Queso)

Europe - Solkay (Futbolist)

Middle East and Africa - Babye (Frag machines)

Wildcard - ChocoNuTx (NoChance Team)

SEA - Fredo (Yoodo Gank)

Korea - Sayden (T1)

South Asia - Sc0utOP (Orange Rock)

Japan - SaRa (REJECT.Scarlet)

PMWL League Stage

East - Zuxxy (Bigetron Red Aliens)

West - Carrilho (Loops)

PMWL Finals

East - BreaK (BOX Gaming)

West - Solkay (Futbolist)


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