Bigetron RA Are PUBG Mobile World League East Champions

Nutan Lele
10/Aug/2020 02:49 pm

The PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) East finals for season zero were played online due to the current global lockdown from 6th to 9th August. Season zero ended with Bigetron RA defending their crown as the top 16 teams competed to bag $100,000.

Bigetron RA show their mettle

Teams played six matches per day over 4 days which decided their total 24 match score to determine the champions. Bigetron RA consisting of Made “Zuxxy” Bagas Pramudita, Made “Luxxy” Bagus Prabaswara, Muhammad “Ryzen” Albi, Nizar “Microboy” Lugatio Pratama, and Maureen “Alice” Gabriella. The team won PMWL East with 2 Chicken Dinners, 174 Placement Points and 113 Kill Points ending with a total score of 287. Bigetron RA are the defending world champions and absolutely dominated in the World League East. The team was consistent throughout the run of PMWL. They won the opening weekend, finished on top in a lot of the league play stage matches, and finally managed to keep their performance going even the finals. “It was a very tough competition,” said Bigetron RA’s Luxxy after winning the league. “We weren’t expecting (Orange Rock) and RRQ to compete against us.” 

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Coming right behind them was Orange Rock esports with 2 Chicken Dinners, 167 Placement Points and 111 Kill Points giving them a total of 278. Orange Rock Esports had a rollercoaster run in the PMWL. The team had a spectacular opening weekend, Mavi, GiLL and ScoutOP adding multiple kills to the board.  However, the team failed to keep their hot streak going during the three weeks of league play and ended up qualifying for the finals at the 10th position on the leaderboard. The finals saw an impressive performance from Orange Rock esports. The team had undergone some roster changes, picking up Sc0utOP on loan from Fnatic. Before going into the finals the team also made slight changes to the roster.

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RRQ Athena missed the second spot by just two points. Their total sits at 276 with a whopping 5 Chicken Dinners, 175 Placement Points and 101 Kill Points. RRQ Athena showed why they were the 2018 world champions, picking up 5 Chicken Dinners, the most by any team.  RRQ’s performance, however, faltered in the subsequent matches and they ended up not getting enough Kill Points to put them in the lead. 

BOX Gaming, U Level Up esports, TSM Entity, T1, Valdus The Murder, TeamIND and MegaStars finished in the top 10 in that order. 


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