Bigetron RA Sets Tone for PMWL East in Opening Weekend

Nutan Lele
15/Jul/2020 01:30 pm

Bigetron RA is one of Indonesian PUBG MOBILE’s most famous teams. The team has some of the most diehard fans with their players reaching international fame thanks to their supreme display of skill on stream and in tournaments. Bigetron RA first entered PUBG MOBILE in May 2018 and immediately shot to fame, winning PUBG MOBILE Indonesia National Championship and Fighting League 2018 - Indonesia. Bigetron RA has since then maintained their spot in the top 3, with several 2nd and 1st place finishes in top-tier tournaments. Their story at PUBG MOBILE World League East is no different, and although the team slipped from the first place during Week 1, Day 1 of League Play, they are sure to give us some entertaining matches today and in the coming Super Weekend. 

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Bigetron RA’s Opening Weekend Performance at PMWL

Bigetron RA began the tournament with a bang, securing back-to-back Chicken Dinners in a great show of talent. Their gunship wasn’t off the mark either as they took down 10 people in the first game and 8 in the second. The third game again saw them give the top-notch performance as they came 2nd with 8 kills. These three games itself set the momentum for Opening Weekend and it was clear that for now, the team to beat was Bigetron RA. Luxxy was crowned the kill leader of the Opening Weekend with 16 kills to his name. Day 1 saw Luxxy take 11 kills while RRQ Athena’s Earnny, OR’s GiLL, and Yoodo Gank’s Fredo had 3 kills each. Day 2 saw him take 5 kills and that was enough to secure Luxxy the pole position in the ‘Overall Kill Leader’ for the Opening Weekend.  While their performance took a little dip in between, Round 10 saw Bigetron RA return to form as they took a Chicken Dinner, tallying their total to 3, and 10 kills. 

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Bigetron RA's Gameplay in PMWL

Bigetron RA has a controlled style of play. You’ll find them sticking to the edges of the play zone, and carefully making their way through the map, preferring to take out enemies from long ranges. Luxxy, who takes up the role of Sniper, and his brother Zuxxy are powerhouses for Bigetron RA. In Opening Weekend Day 1 Match 1’s final fight, a faceoff between Bigetron RA’s 3 players against T1 Sayden and Team IND’s Kratos, it was Luxxy and Zuxxy who picked each of them respectively to get the Chicken Dinner. The team also knows how to maximise placement points by playing safe when needed. The second match of Day 1 saw Bigetron RA keep a lower profile throughout but emerge in the final fights to pick up 8 kills and also the Chicken Dinner. 

Bigetron RA RosterBigetron RA Roster

In League Play’s Day 1 Match 1, GXR Celtz took out Bigetron RA’s Luxxy and Zuxxy in an intense firefight. Match 2 saw them have a tough time in rotations as they lost 2 members to the play zone. They redeemed themselves in the third match with 11 kills and getting the Chicken Dinner. Bigetron RA has been in worse positions and comes out strong. Given their stellar performance at the Opening Weekend, we shouldn’t be surprised to see Bigetron RA return to form and continue their road towards the Super Weekend.


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