Team Ghatak (TSM Entity) win PUBG Mobile Streamers Showdown

Nutan Lele
17/Aug/2020 03:40 pm

PUBG Mobile has seen various minor and major tournaments take place in the last few months. With the recently concluded PMWL to the ongoing PMCO, fans have been able to watch their favourites in action. PUBG Mobile India recently announced a showmatch tournament called Streamers Showdown, sponsored by PUBG Mobile, Esports Network and Trinity Gaming. The Streamers Showdown tournament featured the best PUBG Mobile Streamers in India with a prize pool of ?2,00,000. Well-known streamers like MortaL, Dynamo, GodNixon and OR’s ClashUniverse formed teams to compete. It also included pro players from teams like TSM Entity and Orange Rock which formed Team Ghatak and Team Sc0ut respectively. Dynamo played with PMPL South Asia winners, GXR Celtz.

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Streamer Showdown Overall StandingsStreamers Showdown Overall Standings

The tournament concluded recently with Team Ghatak winning the top prize of ? 1,00,000 ($1,335). Team Owais came in just one point behind in second place, walking away with ? 60,000 ($801). The top fragger of the Streamers Showdown was FNOwais 

Streamers Showdown top 3 teamsStreamer Showdown top 3 teams

PUBG Mobile Streamers Showdown 2020

The Streamers Showdown was held on 16th and 17th August and was streamed on the PUBG Mobile India official YouTube channel. PUBG MOBILE India Official collaborated with Esports Network and Trinity Gaming to present Streamers Showdown: 16th to 17th August 2020. A total of 18 teams participated playing 6 matches (3 each day) on Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi to lift the coveted trophy. After each day, streamers also interacted with their fans. Top content creators from India as well as esports athletes were invited to go head-to-head in the showdown. The tournament follows a different point system. It's a fusion of the old and new point system. Rank 1st to 13th will follow the old point system of 20 to 1 point, respectively. But teams that finish from 14th to 18th will get points according to the new system, in which they will be awarded 0 points.

Streamer Showdown Day 1 standingsStreamer Showdown Day 1 standings

The second day started with Maxtern bouncing back from their lukewarm performance on Day 1 of Streamers Showdown with a Chicken Dinner in Match 1 and 12 Kill Points. Team Owais came in second with 19 kills and 29 points. Team Dynamo and Team Sc0ut came in third and fourth with 2 and 4 kills respectively. Match 2 saw Team Ghatak win the Chicken Dinner with 14 kills with Team Dynamo and Team Owais right behind them with 5 kills each. At the end of the first day, Team GodNixon came out on top with 59 points and 1 Chicken Dinner. Team Owais came in second place with 53 points and 1 Chicken Dinner. Team MortaL and Team Ghatak followed them in third and fourth place. The first day started with Fnatic winning the first match on Erangel with 17 kills and Owais alone bagging seven kills. Fan-favourites, Team Soul, came second with 11 kills. Team Dynamo secured ten kills and came third with 17 points. Team GodNixon won the second match on Sanhok. Team SouL once again secured the second position with seven kills. Team Guru and Team Joker secured the 3rd and 4th place, respectively, with nine kills each. Team Ghatak won Match 3 in Miramar with 11 kills. The third and last match saw players battle it out on Vikendi. Team Dynamo, Team JokerWSS and Team Gareeboo made it to the final circle. Team JokerWSS picked up the last Chicken Dinner taking out Team Gareeboo’s Cloud. Finally, Team Ghatak comprising of TSM Entity members came out on top of the Streamers Showdown, followed by Team Owais including members from Fnatic. 

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