Honkai Star Rail 1.1 Silver Wolf: Traces, Eidolons, Light Cones

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Silver Wolf - Honkai Star Rail


Silver Wolf is a Quantum character in Honkai Star Rail who will arrive on the event banner in patch 1.1.
Her kit is designed around single-target debuffs and can make any enemy weak to Quantum damage.
There are leaks suggesting that her signature 4-star light cone will be available for free from an event in patch 1.1.

Silver Wolf is an upcoming character in Honkai Star Rail’s patch 1.1. She is from the Nihility path and deals Quantum damage. The character was playable in the three Closed Beta Tests we had prior to the launch of the game and was regarded as the best single-target debuffer in the game. She pairs really well with Seele so you can consider pulling for her to boost your team’s damage output. We have a full rundown of Silver Wolf including her signature light cone, traces and eidolons below for you to check out.

Honkai Star Rail 1.1 Silver Wolf: Signature Light Cone

We Will Meet Again is Silver Wolf’s signature 4-star light cone that will be available next patch. Leaks suggest that we will get a free copy of the light cone as well as its refinements as part of an event but this information is currently unconfirmed by Hoyoverse.

We Will Meet Again: After the wearer uses Basic ATK or Skill, deals Additional DMG equal to 48% of the wearer's ATK to a random enemy that has been attacked.

She is also expected to launch with a 5-star Nihility light cone but we don’t have any information about it yet.

Honkai Star Rail 1.1 Silver Wolf: Traces

Here are all of Silver Wolf’s Traces and the multipliers displayed below are at level one.

Basic attack: Deals 50% of Silver Wolf's attack as Quantum Damage to the target. Has a 65% chance of inflicting a random 'bug' for three turns.

Skill: Deals 70% of Silver Wolf's attack as Quantum Damage to a target. Has a 75% chance to impose the weakness of a random ally's type on that target for three turns and reduces the target's resistance to that type by 20%.

Ultimate: Deals 180% of Silver Wolf's attack as Quantum Damage to the target with a 100% chance to cause Entanglement. Deals 18% more Quantum Damage for each debuff on the target (up to 5x). While entangled, the target moves 40% slower and receives Quantum Damage equal to 48% of Silver Wolf's attack at the start of the next turn.

Technique: At the start of the battle, Silver Wolf immediately attacks a random target. Ignoring weakness types, all enemies have their toughness depleted. If a target's weakness is broken by Silver Wolf, they become entangled.

Trace #1 - Anti-Virus: When attacked, Silver Wolf has a 50% chance to implant a random bug into the attacker.

Trace #2 - Inject: Silver Wolf's basic attack has a 55% chance to implant an additional bug into her target.

Trace #3 - Side Note: If the target has three or more debuffs, Silver Wolf's skill will implant a Type Weakness bug.

Honkai Star Rail 1.1: Silver Wolf Eidolons

Eidolons are not worth chasing after if you are a free-to-play player, especially in such an early stage of the game. We recommend opting for more characters instead to build a diverse roster that covers all elements.

E1: Extends the duration of bugs to one turn. Whenever an enemy's weakness is broken, Silver Wolf has a 65% chance to inflict another random bug on the target.

E2: Reduces the effect resistance of any enemy that enters the battle by 30% for two turns.

E3: Increases the level of Silver Wolf's skill and talent by two. These cannot go higher than 15.

E4: Silver Wolf regenerates eight energy for every debuff (up to five) targetted by her Ultimate.

E5: Increases the level of Silver Wolf's ultimate by two and her basic attack by one. These cannot go above 15 and 10 respectively.

E6: Removes the turn limit of weaknesses inflicted by Silver Wolf.

For more Honkai Star Rail content we have a guide for the triple authenticator door in case you are unable to find all of the keys at Herta Space Station. If you are new to the game and wondering which characters are worth rerolling for, check out our Honkai Star Rail reroll guide.

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