Honkai Star Rail: Ultimate Reroll Guide

Abhimannu Das
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Honkai Star Rail

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Rerolling in Honkai Star Rail can be tedious as it takes up to 40 minutes for each reroll.
You are guaranteed to get a Standard 5-star within 50 Warps on the beginner banner.
Players can also consider spending their Warps on the limited banners to get Seele.

Honkai Star Rail is an upcoming roleplaying game by Hoyoverse, the studio behind Honkai Impact and Genshin Impact. The game is set to release on 26th April and many players are considering rerolling to get the characters that they want. If you are considering resetting your progress to get a solid headstart in the game, here is how you can efficiently reroll in Honkai Star Rail. 

Honkai Star Rail: Should you reroll?

If you really want specific characters in Honkai Star Rail, you can consider rerolling. But before you decide to lose your sanity, here are some things that you need to consider: 

  • There is no Guest Login option in Hoyoverse games, which means that you need multiple email accounts to reroll.

  • The process takes almost 40 minutes for each account and you may not want to commit that much time to it.

  • The drop rates are low and getting the characters that you want can involve hours of rerolling.

How to reroll in Honkai Star Rail

Make sure that you have multiple email accounts ready for use before you begin to reroll. 

  1. Launch Honkai Star Rail

  2. Create an account and log in to the game

  3. Go through the tutorial and initial story stages until you unlock the summon system

  4. Spend your resources on the available banners

If you don’t get the character(s) you are looking for, you will need to log out and restart all over again. There is no skip option for story dialogues so you have to sit through the tutorial all over again. 

The Standard Warp banner has a 50-pity so you are guaranteed to get a 5-star in less than 50 pulls. The pulls also have a 20% discount, so you can consider playing till Trailblaze level 15, which is more than enough to get 50 pulls including the free 20 pulls that you get upon logging in.

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