How to Open the Triple Authentication Door in Honkai Star Rail

Abhimannu Das
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Honkai Star Rail


The triple authentication door in Honkai Star Rail requires you to find three different authentication cards.
Two of the cards are located in the Control Center area and the final card is in the Storage area.
Once you have the right authentication cards, you will get a message in your inbox.

A lot of exploration in Honkai Star Rail happens in the Herta Space Station and if you have thoroughly explored the area, you may have seen a locked door that requires a “triple authentication verification card”. The game does not explicitly tell you where the card is located so it can be a little tricky to figure out the puzzle on your own. If you have been stuck on the puzzle for a while, here’s a quick guide to help you open the triple authentication door in Honkai Star Rail.

How to find all three authentication cards in Honkai Star Rail

To get the triple authentication card in Honkai Star Rail, you need to find a total of three authentication cards at the Herta Space Station and combine them. Here is how you can find them: 

Authentication Card 1 

  1. Head to the Master Control Zone by opening your Map menu and fast teleporting to the area.

  2. Trigger the side quest “Road to Revival” by talking to Arlan if you have not completed it already.

  3. Taking out the Blaze Out of Space enemy in the side quest grants you access to the first authentication card.

Authentication Card 2

  1. Head to the Master Control Zone again 

  2. Find the “Man with Afro” NPC (non-playable character) near the internal purchase officer

  3. Interact with the NPC a total of five times and he will give you the second authentication card

Authentication Card 3

  1. For the last card, you need to go to the “Outside the Control Center” teleport waypoint on the first floor of the Storage area

  2. Interact with the controller next to the door when you spawn in to gain access to the room on the left

  3. Enter the room and take the ramp on the left

  4. Defeat the enemies and interact with the next control device to create a second bridge 

  5. Cross the bridge and take on more foes

  6. Reach the third control device to create another bridge 

  7. Walk over the grey bridge to interact with the final control device to switch the bridge back to blue 

  8. Head to the new bridge and go up the ramp to find the last access card 

Once you have all three cards you will receive a message. Head back to the triple authentication door and you will now be able to combine all the authentication cards and open it.

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