Luka in Honkai Star Rail: Character Overview, Release Date

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Luka in Honkai Star Rail


Luka is an upcoming character in Honkai Star Rail that may arrive as early as patch 1.1.
He is a Physical character that is part of the Nihility path.
Nihility characters are typically designed to apply debuffs on enemies to enhance team damage or apply status effects.

Luka is a new character in Honkai Star Rail that was revealed officially by Hoyoverse on Weibo. While Hoyoverse has commenced its infamous “drip marketing” for Luka, we don’t know when he will release. With Kafka, Silver Wolf and Luocha teased for 1.1 as the featured 5-stars, Luka might be joining one of the event banners as a 4-star rate-up unit. If you are interested in his kit, we have compiled all leaks about Luka in Honkai Star Rail in one place.

Honkai Star Rail Luka: Traces

  • Hundred Crack Fist: Unleash Hundred Crack Fist 3 times, then uses “Rising Dragon Fist” on a specified enemy target.

  • Skill: Deals Physical DMG to a specific enemy and inflicts it with “Fissure” status for 2 rounds. “Fissure” causes the enemy to receive continuous Physical DMG.

  • Ultimate: Gains 2 energy points, deals Physical DMG to a specific enemy, and increases its damage taken for 2 turns.

  • Talent: Gains energy points after using basic attacks or skills, and use them to perform an enhanced basic attack. Also, deal additional damage with “Rising Dragon Fist” if the target has “Fissure” status.

  • Technique: Attacks a random enemy target and at the start of battle gains an energy point.

Do take the leaks with a grain of salt as we do not have any official information about Luka’s kit just yet. The kit was also translated from the Chinese servers so there may be some information that is lost in translation.

Currently, the only other Physical 4-star we have is Sushang. Unlike Sushang who is focused on dealing massive single-target damage, Luka is meant to apply “Fissure” on enemies which is like a bleed effect. It is possible that “Fissure” is mentioned as Bleed due to a translation error.

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