BGMI vs Apex Legends Mobile: Full Graphics Comparison


BGMI vs Apex Legends Mobile Full Graphics Comparison: Which Game Has Better Visuals?

Checkout how the graphics of the two mobile titles compare to each other.

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The latest mobile battle royale to enter the field is Apex Legends Mobile by Respawn Entertainment. The game is currently undergoing a soft launch in 10 countries.
BGMI is one of the top mobile games in India which launched for Android in July 2021 and for iOS in in August 2021.
Here is a full detailed comparison between the graphics and display settings of the two titles.

The latest title to enter the world of mobile battle royales is Apex Legends Mobile. At the moment, Respawn Entertainment has not released the game globally, but the title has been soft-launched in 10 countries for both Android and iOS user.

This makes it a direct competitor to Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). BGMI quickly climbed its way to the top and is one of the most popular games in this genre.

Naturally this has resulted in a lot of comparisons being done between BGMI and Apex Legends Mobile. When comparing one of the most talked-about topics is the graphics of the two titles. Read on to find out which mobile battle royale provides better visuals and takes the upper hand when their graphics are compared head-to-head.

Detailed graphics comparison between BGMI and Apex Legends Mobile

BGMI Graphics/Display Settings

Talking about BGMI, the mobile battle royale that is specifically catered towards the Indian mobile gaming audience has a designated 'Graphics Settings' option available within the game.

This provides users with a whole range of visual settings that can be adjusted as per their needs and demands. By enabling this palette of graphic customizations the developers have successfully catered to a wide range of users, allowing the game to run without any major issues across low-end and high-end devices.

Players can deploy graphics for both 'Combat' and 'Lobby' individually, which is a subtle but great addition as players can choose higher graphics settings whilst playing and opt for low graphics when waiting in the lobby or not playing the game. This will ensure that the device runs better without getting too hot while also protecting the battery life by not being too harsh on it.

Apart from this, the general graphics settings available are as follows,

  • Graphics: So Smooth, Smooth, Balanced, HD, HDR, Ultra HD, UHD

  • Frame Rate: Low (10 FPS), Medium (20 FPS), High (30 FPS), Ultra (40 FPS), Extreme (60 FPS)

  • Style: Classic, Colourful, Realistic, Soft, Movie

  • Anti-Aliasing: Close, 2x, 4x

  • Colorblind Mode: Normal, Deuteranopia, Protanopia, Tritanopia

BGMI Graphics Settings


In addition to this, players can also select the in-game 'Brightness', adjust the distance of certain User Interface (UI) elements as per the shape of the device using 'Non-Standard Screens', and use 'Auto-Adjust Graphics' which assists the device to change various settings automatically depending on certain parameters.

Apex Legends Mobile Graphics/Display Settings

For the new mobile battle royale Apex Legends Mobile, the developers have done a good job with the 'Display Settings' as the full version of the game has not rolled out completely and it may undergo several changes before the title is ready for the final release.

The basic graphics settings available at the moment are as follows,

  • Image Quality: Smooth, Balanced, HD, UltraHD, ExtremeHD, Original

  • Frame Rate Control: Balanced, High, Ultra

  • Graphics Style: Classic, Vivid, Realistic, Soft

  • Dynamic Shadows: On/Off

  • Anti-Aliasing: On/Off

  • Character Halo: On/Off

Apex Legends Mobile Graphics Settings

Apex Legends Mobile

Beyond this, other graphics settings provided are 'Screen UI Adjustment' to place certain UI elements as per the shape of the device and 'Adaptive Smoothing' which adjusts various graphics parameters according to the performance of the device.

BGMI vs Apex Legends Mobile Graphics/Display Settings - Verdict

Having taken an in-depth look at the graphics settings provided by BGMI and Apex Legends Mobile, it is safe to say that both these titles are at par with each other when it comes to providing its users with the freedom to customize their display settings as per the state of their devices.

While BGMI has been around since July 2021 for Android users and since August 2021 for iOS users, the game certainly has a bit of an edge over Apex Legends Mobile which has soft-launched just last month in only 10 countries, excluding India.

Unless the final version of Apex Legends Mobile is not released globally, BGMI will be holding a certain edge over it when it comes to graphics, display settings, and visual appeal.

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