BGMI C2S5 And M9 Royale Pass Details Leaked


Battlegrounds Mobile India: Details of BGMI C2S5 and M9 Royale Pass Leaked

Here is everything we know about the upcoming BGMI C2S5 and M9 Royale Pass.

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The currently ongoing BGMI C2S4 released earlier this year on 18th January along with the 1.8 Update.
As per the cycle system adopted by Krafton for BGMI, one cycle consists of 6 seasons and one season lasts for two months. Based on this, both BGMI C2S5 and M9 Royale Pass should be right around the corner.
Here is everything we know so far about the new season and royale pass based on leaked details by various dataminers, including expected release date(s) and rewards.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) had made some gameplay changes on 18th January earlier this year along with the BGMI 1.8 Update. Since then almost two months have passed and the community has started talking about the upcoming BGMI 1.9 Update, bringing with it the highly awaited BGMI Cycle 2 Season 5 (C2S5) and Royale Pass 9.

Krafton has adopted a new cycle system to constantly pump out new content and rewards for its growing userbase, keeping them entertained consistently. Every cycle in BGMI consists of several seasons that bring with it new features, gameplay changes, cosmetics, and most importantly the monthly Royale Pass.

While no official information has come forward so far, various data miners have revealed details about the upcoming BGMI C2S5 and Royale Pass 9. Here is everything we know so far, but do take it with a pinch a salt.

BGMI C2S5 and M9 Royale Pass: All leaked details

The cycle system adopted by BGMI consists of several seasons. Usually, a single cycle comprises of six seasons, where every season lasts for about two months, so a single cycle ends up lasting for about 12 months.

The currently ongoing Cycle 2 Season 4 (C2S4) was introduced along with the 1.8 Update which went live earlier this year. As a season is expected to last for only two months it means that the C2S4 is nearing its conclusion. This has the community excited in anticipation of what lies ahead like C2S5 and the M9 Royale Pass.

According to Sportskeeda, the M8 Royale Pass and C2S4 is scheduled to expire on 17th March (Thursday). Therefore, both BGMI C2S5 and M9 Royale Pass could release on 18th March (Friday).

However, according to various YouTube channels like JK Crazy and Games King RJ, Cycle 2 Season 4 will be coming to an end on 21st March at 12:00 AM UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) or 22nd March at 05:30 AM IST (Indian Standard Time). Consequently both BGMI C2S5 and M9 Royale Pass might release on 22nd March itself.

Cycle 2 Season 4 BGMI


At this point in time, Krafton has not officially confirmed any release date for either and all details provided above are expected dates based on leaks.

The release of BGMI C2S5 will also result in the arrival of M9 Royale Pass and also the 1.9 Update which brings with it multiple new features, gameplay changes, and rewards.

According to leaks by popular BGMI data miner and content creator Gk Afroz, the theme of the M9 Royale Pass is going to be Cosmic Clash and here is a quick look at some rewards that one might expect to receive,

  1. Ancient Heirloom - PP19 Bizon Skin

  2. Primeval Relic - Kar 98K

  3. Ancient Heirloom - M249

  4. Fluorescent Flash Set

  5. Excalibur Umbra Set

  6. Wukong Prime Set

  7. Atlantic Tech Ornament

  8. Atlantic Tech Helmet

  9. Atlantic Tech Plane

  10. Wukong Emote

BGMI C2S5 - Gold Tier Outfit - M9 Royale Pass

Additional leaked information states that the 1.9 Update will be around till July 2022, as suggested by the inclusion of 'Anniversary Mode', something that Krafton and BGMI will be celebrating for the very first time later this year.

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