BGMI 1.9 Update - Everything We Know So Far


BGMI 1.9 Update: Upcoming Features, Royale Pass

Here is what we know about the upcoming Battlegrounds Mobile India update.

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The current BGMI 1.8 Update was released in Jan earlier this year. Two months into the update, discussions have already begun about the BGMI 1.9 Update.
According to various leaks, BGMI 1.9 update will be introducing Anniversary Mode, C2S5 M9 Royale Pass, and other such features.
Here is everything we know so far about the upcoming BGMI update including expected release date and time.

The BGMI 1.9 update is finally all set to go live on the client. The BGMI 1.9 update is currently in its beta version, undergoing tests by a select few users that are busy finding out various bugs and glitches, so that all of them can be fixed before the update rolls out officially. Here is everything that we know so far about the highly anticipated BGMI 1.9 update.

Krafton released Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) in July 2021 and just eight months down the line it has managed to become one of the top mobile titles within the country. With its inaugural competitive circuit coming to an end in January this year, the game had also introduced the BGMI 1.8 Update for all the users.

Almost two months since the update, the community has started discussing the BGMI 1.9 Update which is still quite a long way off. However, it is set to introduce a lot of new features, modes, events, as well as a range of cosmetic items to further improve the BR (battle royale) experience aesthetically.

Everything we know so far about BGMI 1.9 Update: Upcoming changes and features

Like every other BGMI update, the next scheduled patch will be bringing with it a new set of changes and features. Already multiple YouTubers and content creators with access to the beta version of the BGMI 1.9 update have started leaking related information.

Here is a quick look at some of the new features which might be introduced to Battlegrounds Mobile India along with BGMI 1.9 update,

  1. Weapon Throw Feature

  2. Recall Feature

  3. Emergency Pickup

  4. Self Revive Kit

  5. Melee Throw

  6. ATV Vehicle

  7. Bicycle

  8. Lynx AMR - Sniper Rifle

  9. Anniversary Mode

  10. C2S5 M9 Royale Pass

  11. New Cheer Park

  12. Security (report feature improvement)

Based on these reported upcoming features, a few things which can be assumed about the BGMI 1.9 update are,

  • It will be introducing a new season while concluding the last one, also bringing with it a new Royale Pass - C2S5 Month 9 RP.

  • The update will be around till July 2022, as suggested by the 'Anniversary Mode'. BGMI released on 2nd July 2021, celebrating its first anniversary later this year.

We know that the update will be around till July as 'Anniversary Mode' is part of the initial leaks. As for its expected release date, the C2S5 M9 Royale Pass which will be released along with the BGMI 1.9 update gives us a good estimate of when will it be rolling out officially.

BGMI 1.8 Update - C2S4 M8 Royale Pass

Free Fire

As the currently ongoing C2S4 M8 Royale Pass is scheduled to conclude on 17th March, the next update could go live on 18th or 19th March at around 05:30 AM IST (Indian Standard Time).

Also, the currently ongoing BGMI 1.8 update was released earlier this year on 12th January. As per available data and past trends, every major game update arrives after an interval of about eight weeks. This is in line with the estimated date provided above for the release of the BGMI 1.9 update. If this pattern holds true it would be an interval of about nine weeks.

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