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BGMI: Krafton Issues Official Notice on Purchasing UC Through Google Play

Can Battlegrounds Mobile India players purchase UC through Google Play?

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Krafton has issued an official notice from their side on purchasing UC through Google Play.
They identified that the option to purchase UC with Google Play redeem code was showing for BGMI players despite the function not yet available.
At the moment it is not possible for Battlegrounds Mobile India players to purchase UC through Google Play.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Early Access version was released for everyone on 18 June, taking the Indian mobile gaming community by storm. With millions of players downloading the open beta version of the game via the Google Play Store, lots of bugs and other issues have started to surface like parsing problems, server is busy, download failures, and more. One of the more recent issues that seems to have caught Krafton's attention is related to the purchasing of UC from within the app through Google Play, a payment option that has now been officially disabled for all the BGMI players.

BGMI: Is It Possible to Purchase UC Through Google Play?

UC is the in-game currency of Battlegrounds Mobile India and players usually prefer purchasing them from within the app itself. With the Early Access version of BGMI introducing 'Season 19 - Traverse' battle pass along with other skins and cosmetics, players have been eager to purchase and spend UC.

While one of the payment options for purchasing UC is via Google Play, Krafton has come forward to state that "It is currently not possible to purchase UC through Google Play; we will further update you when purchasing UC through Google Play is available."

This is because the payment option was visible to all the players despite the developers not having made it a functional action yet. So to prevent any misunderstanding Krafton came forward and clarified their stance on the situation.

So all the BGMI players who were or are trying to purchase UC through the Google Play redeem code, might not be able to complete this action as the function is not available yet. It is wise to opt for an alternate payment method, for now, to buy UC, and for those who are unaware or confused on how to do so can find more details on the topic by Clicking Here.

UC Purchase Options in BGMI


There are other ways also available to purchase UC, via third-party websites and services. But none of those methods are safe and secure and are not officially endorsed by Krafton. It is always recommended to purchase UC directly through the BGMI client.

Currently, there is an ongoing event called 'UC Station' through which players can spin and get a random 'Purchase Amount' along with a 'Bonus Amount'. BGMI players can purchase UC through this limited time event which is scheduled to run from 22 June - 29 June, getting a maximum of two spins each day.

UC Station - BGMI Event


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