BGMI : Grab These Free Skins in Latest C4S11 Ranked Season Update



BGMI: Grab These Free Skins in Latest C4S11 Ranked Season Update

Ahsan Kabir
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The new ranked season Cycle 4 Season 11 is now live.
After the rank tier reset, there are new seasonal tier rewards up for grabs.

Although BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) was relaunched on 29th May, the game did not receive any rank reset on the latest update that the global version is featuring. The game still features the 2.5 patch version as developers tend to release the latest updates periodically. However, the ranked tiers have finally been reset, resulting in most players being demoted to lower tiers. With the launch of Cycle 4 Season 11, players can now embark on a new journey to climb the leaderboards and earn exclusive rewards. Speaking of rewards, let's take a closer look at what the new season has in store for us.

What are the Seasonal Rewards in C4S11?

Below is the list of rewards with respect to their tiers. 

  • Bronze: Season Tokens x300 and Supply Crate Coupon x1

  • Silver: Season Tokens x350 and Classic Crate Coupon x1

  • Gold: Season Tokens x400 and C4S11 Set

  • Platinum: Season Tokens x500 and C4S11 Glasses

  • Diamond: Season Tokens x800 and C4S11 Groza skin

  • Crown: Rating Protection Card (single use) x3, Season Tokens x800, C4S11 Crown Name Tag, Crown exclusive team-up special lobby effect

  • Ace: C4S11 Ace (Mask, Name Tag, and Title), Season Tokens x1000, and Ace exclusive team-up special lobby effect

  • Ace Master: C4S11 Ace Master (Cover, Name Tag, and Title), Season Tokens x1000, and Ace Master exclusive team-up special lobby effect

  • Ace Dominator: C4S11 Ace Dominator (Avatar, Name Tag, and Title), Season Tokens x1000, and Ace Dominator exclusive team-up special lobby effect

  • Conqueror: C4S11 Conqueror (Frame, Name Tag, and Ace Title), Season Tokens x1200, and Conqueror exclusive team-up special lobby effect.

BGMI C4S11 Tier Rewards


How to claim the Seasonal Rewards?

Players will be able to view and claim the free seasonal rewards from the Seasonal tab located at the bottom of the main screen titled “C4S11 SEASON”. Tap on “Tier Rewards” to make the items your own and equip them from your “Inventory”

In order to get the rewards, they need to play ranked matches that feature a competitive environment and consist of players with similar skill levels. Work your way up the ranked tiers by earning points through good performance in matches. The higher the tier, the more difficult it becomes to progress. However, with a little bit of consistency, you will be able to reach ‘Ace’ and grab the most from the reward pool.

Some rewards require you to play 5 matches in its respective tier to be eligible to claim them. If you get demoted in the process, you can always claim back the ranks by playing more matches. It's worth mentioning that ranking up becomes easier as the season progresses, particularly during the later phase of the cycle.

What is the end date for C4S11?

Following the same pattern as previous seasons, the new Cycle 4 Season 11 will have a duration of two months and conclude in the first week of August. Players are advised to collect their rewards before the due date. 

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