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Best BGMI Gyroscope Sensitivity Settings After Unban

Ahsan Kabir
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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has returned after a 10-month hiatus, and it's understandable that players may have lost their muscle memory and are struggling with their sensitivity settings. Finding the best sensitivity settings in BGMI for gyroscope is a subjective matter that relies on personal preferences and playstyles. However, there are a few fundamental steps you can take to make the process easier and more convenient.

Best Gyro Sensitivity Settings for BGMI

When it comes to Gyro players, there are different sensitivity preferences that can provide better aim tracing. For those who prefer low sensitivity, I recommend keeping the sensitivity settings for TPP (Third-Person Perspective), FPP (First-Person Perspective), and Red Dot sight around 100 to 150. Medium sensitivity preferences can range between 200 to 250, while high sensitivity players can set it at 300 to 400. These ranges can be used as a starting point to find the proper sensitivity that suits your gameplay style. It's important to experiment and adjust based on your personal preference and comfort level.

Gyroscope Sensitivity for iOS

Sensitivity Code: 7238-4245-4286-7096-036

Android users may lessen these meters.

  • TPP No Scope - 400

  • FPP No Scope - 400

  • Red Dot - 400

  • 2x Scope - 400

  • 3x Scope - 300

  • 4x Scope - 200

  • 6x Scope - 100

  • 8x Scope - 80

ADS Sensitivity: Keep it the same. Or ‘Disable’ separate settings.

It is important to avoid setting your sensitivity to the maximum value all at once. Doing so can result in uncontrollable aim shaking and make it difficult to spot enemies while moving the screen. Instead, I recommend gradually increasing your sensitivity by 20 to 30% at a time until you find the optimal balance. For instance, if your current sensitivity on the Red Dot scope is 100, try increasing it to 130 and assess how it feels. This incremental approach will allow you to fine-tune your sensitivity and find the perfect setting for your gameplay.

Remember that Gyro is best for aim-correction and aim-tracing but not aiming itself. Use your fingers to place your crosshairs onto your target then use Gyro to shoot them down. Pay attention to how comfortable and accurate your aiming feels. If you're struggling to hit targets or overshooting your aim, consider lowering the sensitivity. On the other hand, if you feel sluggish or unable to turn quickly, consider increasing the sensitivity.

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