How to Get Vanwyrm Cryst in Palworld? Locations, Stats, Breeding Combos, and More

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>How to Get Vanwyrm Cryst in Palworld? Locations, Stats, Breeding Combos, and More</p></div>
How to Get Vanwyrm Cryst in Palworld? Locations, Stats, Breeding Combos, and More


The Vanwyrm Cryst is an Ice and Dark-elemental Pal, only found in the Astral Mountains during the night.
It proves to be a potent combat Pal until the mid-game stage while also being an outstanding worker at your base.
This guide will provide you with effective ways to capture the Vanwyrm Cryst along with its stats, uses, skills, etc.

Although Palworld contains several mechanics from other game genres, it offers an enticing monster-catching experience as the core element of its gameplay. Its Paldeck contains over 130 creatures, some of which can give birth to hybrid Pals, boasting unique powers and skill sets from its parents. 

A notable example is the Ice and Dark-elemental Vanwyrm Cryst, a versatile Flying Mount that excels at combat while also efficiently carrying out tasks around your base. Let’s cut to the chase and delve into its characteristics, stats, habitats, and more.

Where Is Vanwyrm Cryst’s Habitat in Palworld?

Considering that the Vanwyrm Cryst is a nocturnal creature, it can only be found at night in the Astral Mountains in the Northwestern part of the Palpagos Islands. While it is abundant on the western side of the mountain, you will also find some scattered on the grasslands at the bottom, and also on the eastern side of Unthawable Lake. You can use the following fast travel points to get there.

  • Land of Absolute Zero

  • PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower Entrance

  • Pristine Snow Field

  • Unthawable Lake

  • Icy Weasel Hill

  • No Man’s Trail

  • Cold Shore

You can take Fire or Dragon Pals like Relaxaurus, Faleris, Orserk, Pyrin Noct, etc., as the Vanwyrm Cryst is weaker against them. This Ice and Dark-type Pal can occasionally spawn as an Alpha Boss in Sacred Mountain Cavern dungeons as well. You may also find Large Frozen Eggs on the Astral Mountains that might hatch a Vanwyrm Cryst after it is deposited into an Incubator.

Once you’ve acquired this exotic Pal, you can now access its Aerial Marauder partner skill, allowing you to use it as a Flying Mount while also increasing your damage output while attacking the weak points of enemy Pals. However, you need to craft the Vanwyrm Cryst Saddle to mount it. Here are the required materials to craft one:

Breeding Combinations for Vanwyrm Cryst in Palworld

Considering its rarity, the Vanwyrm Cryst can only be acquired by combining a Foxcicle and a Vanwyrm belonging to opposite genders. However, you can use this exotic Pal to create several other Pals such as:

  • Cinnamoth + Vanwyrm Cryst = Surfent

  • Penking + Vanwyrm Cryst = Anubis

  • Pyrin + Vanwyrm Cryst = Cinnamon

  • Celaray + Vanwyrm Cryst = Tombat

  • Mossanda + Vanwyrm Cryst = Penking

paldeck vanwyrm cryst

Here are the base stats of Vanwyrm Cryst (Paldeck No 071B):

  • HP: 90

  • Defense: 95

  • Melee: 100

  • Shot Attack: 120

  • Food: 6

The Vanwyrm Cryst also comes equipped with some of the most potent active and passive skills in the game such as:

  • Nightmare Ball: An active skill that hurls a giant ball of darkness towards the enemy.

  • Blizzard Spike: Area of effect active skill that throws a giant lump of ice at the enemy

  • Swift: Passive skill which increases movement speed by 30%

  • Legend: Passive skill that provides a 20% increase in attack and defense while also buffing its movement by 15%

Additionally, this Ice and Dark-elemental Pal also features Transporting Level 3 and Cooling Level 3 suitabilities, allowing you to effectively haul items and cool refrigerators and other machines in your base. If you capture or kill the Vanwyrm Cryst, you also get rewarding drops such as Bone, Ice Organ, and Sapphire worth 1000 Gold each.

That is everything you need to know about the Vanwyrm Cryst in Palworld. Check out Game8’s breeding calculator for more such Pal combinations.

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