Here’s How You Can Get the Thorn Slinger Unique Leather Belt in Last Epoch

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here’s How You Can Get the Thorn Slinger Unique Leather Belt in Last Epoch</p></div>
Here’s How You Can Get the Thorn Slinger Unique Leather Belt in Last Epoch


The Thorn Slinger Unique Leather Belt offers numerous buffs to stats such as Movement Speed, Throwing Attack Speed, and +1 to Physical Skills.
Apart from opening up four Potion slots, the Belt also increases the chances of inflicting enemies with the Bleed status effect.

Eleventh Hour Games’ Last Epoch comprises a diverse array of items to protect you on your adventures through the different Eras of Eterra. Apart from equipping weapons and armor, you can also make detailed character customizations using various gear present in the game. These items contain distinct stats that can be augmented using crafting materials like Glyph of Despair, Rune of Ascendance, etc.

A notable example is the Thorn Slinger, a Unique Leather Belt offering four new Potion slots and five different Modifiers that primarily increase Physical Skills and Movement Speed. This rare item also holds Legendary Potential, allowing you to add additional stats that will further enhance your build. Without further ado, here’s how you can acquire this Belt.

Where Can You Find the Thorn Slinger Unique Belt in Last Epoch?

Thankfully, obtaining the Thorn Slinger Belt is relatively easy, regardless of it being a Unique item drop. Although this item can be acquired by taking down elite enemies or minibosses, it can predominantly be farmed once you unlock the Monolith of Fate and complete Echoes in the Fall of Empire Timeline. Remember, that you need not unlock Empowered Monoliths and increase your Corruption levels to farm it.

Considering its Unique rarity, this item contains eccentric stats such as:

  • +4 Potion Slots

  • +1 to Level of Physical Skills

  • +24 to 48% Chance to Bleed on Hit

  • 6% Increase in Movement Speed

  • 6% Increase in Throwing Attack Speed

  • 24 to 48 of Damage is Reflected to Attackers

  • Value: 500

The biggest advantage of this Unique Leather Belt is its ability to cause the Bleed status effect upon Physical hits to the enemy. Each Bleed Hit lasts for 3 seconds and deals 53 Physical damage over time. It can also be stacked indefinitely, essentially dishing out continuous damage to your foes and quickly killing them.

One thing to keep in mind is that although the Thorn Slinger belt can be equipped from player level 12, the effective level for its Legendary Potential begins at 30. This Unique Leather Belt also uncovers quite a bit of Last Epoch’s valuable Lore. 

After making peace with the Nagasa, Lord Berant of Skalnir turned his eyes to an easier conquest - The Verdant Isle.Although Lord Berant’s scouts assured him that the Druid inhabitants had no weapons, his army seemed to have lost the battle, only returning with thorn-pierced fallen soldiers and tales of entire ships being strangled by vines.

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