What Is the Glyph of Despair and How Does It Work in Last Epoch?


What Is the Glyph of Despair and How Does It Work in Last Epoch?

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The Glyph of Despair is a consumable crafting material, capable of sealing a specific affix into an item.
It can only provide the chance of freezing an affix that is Tier 4 or lower, and the odds are greatly increased with Exalted items.

Eleventh Hour Games’ Last Epoch boasts numerous systems built into it to offer a fantastic ARPG experience to its players. Apart from offering excellent combat mechanics and complex bosses, the game provides several items at your disposal, each with its own set of modifiers that grant various status effects.

The Glyph of Despair is a consumable crafting item that falls under this category, capable of sealing your affixes and opening up the slot to add a new one. While this sounds pretty simple, there are several things you need to keep in mind before you try your luck at sealing one. Here’s everything you need to know.

How Does the Glyph of Despair Work in Last Epoch?

As mentioned above, the Glyph of Despair is a consumable crafting material, capable of sealing a specific affix into an item and moving it to a dedicated sealed slot, freeing up space to add another new affix in its previously occupied slot. While it does not offer any outstanding status effects, it increases the chances of ingraining certain modifiers into an item instead of upgrading the affixes to Tier 7.

Similar to Runes, the Glyph of Despair (or any other Glyphs in general) can be obtained by killing enemies or through containers such as breakable barrels, chests, and caches. You can also acquire them as rewards for completing certain Echoes in the Monolith of Fate. Although this Glyph sounds enticing to lock in your favorable affixes into your beloved items, it comes with limitations.

The Glyph of Despair cannot be used on Unique items or items belonging to specific Sets of Gear. However, it does have higher chances of sealing an affix into Exalted Items. Considering the rarity of this Glyph, it is not possible to seal an affix that is higher than Tier 4, although the chances greatly increase if you are trying to seal a low-tier affix. Remember, that once the certain affix is frozen in place, it cannot be modified in any way. It can only be removed upon using the Rune of Ascendance.

If you wish to know about the exact chances of sealing your affixes into an item, YouTuber 

Perry the Pig, has datamined information providing the percentage of freezing modifiers depending on the number of affixes. Here are the figures:

Rarity: Magic Item w/ 1 Affix

  • Tier 1 chance: 0.525

  • Tier 2 chance: 0.345

  • Tier 3 chance: 0.1725

  • Tier 4 chance: 0.075

Rarity: Magic Item w/ 2 Affixes

  • Tier 1 chance: 0.63

  • Tier 2 chance: 0.414

  • Tier 3 chance: 0.207

  • Tier 4 chance: 0.09

Rarity: Rare Item w/ 3 Affixes

  • Tier 1 chance: 0.735

  • Tier 2 chance: 0.483

  • Tier 3 chance: 0.2415

  • Tier 4 chance: 0.105

Rarity: Rare Item w/ 4 Affixes or Exalted item w/ 2 Affixes

  • Tier 1 chance: 0.84

  • Tier 2 chance: 0.552

  • Tier 3 chance: 0.276

  • Tier 4 chance: 0.12

Rarity: Exalted Item w/ 3 Affixes

  • Tier 1 chance: 0.945

  • Tier 2 chance: 0.6210001

  • Tier 3 chance: 0.3105

  • Tier 4 chance: 0.135

Rarity: Exalted Item w/ 4 Affixes

  • Tier 1 chance: 1.05

  • Tier 2 chance: 0.69

  • Tier 3 chance: 0.345

  • Tier 4 chance: 0.15

Note that these figures are not entirely accurate and are only updated until Patch 0.9L which is released on 10th May 2023. The chances may vary considering that the game has had its full release and is running on Patch 1.01.

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