Here's How You Can Use Rune of Ascendance in Last Epoch


Here's How You Can Use Rune of Ascendance in Last Epoch

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Rune of Ascendance is one of the most best runes you can use in Last Epoch to transform your items.
Are you wondering how to use Rune of Ascendance in Last Epoch? Here's a guide to help you.

There's no doubt that Last Epoch is an incredible ARPG with tons of customization, build options, gear, and more. Once you've chosen one of the five available classes, you'll venture through time and space to save the world on the brink of destruction. 

One of the most essential items you'll need to master in this world is the Rune of Ascendance. In this guide, we'll take a look at how you can use Rune of Ascendance in Last Epoch. 

Last Epoch: What is Rune of Ascendance?

The Run of Ascendance is one of the most valuable runes in the game. This rune has the power to transform an item into a random unique item or a set of the same unique item and can be used to create incredibly useful Legendary items. 

Last Epoch: How to Use  Rune of Ascendance?

Last Epoch's crafting system is in a league of its own, featuring quite a few intricate elements, ranging from durability meters to modifiers, which allow you to fine-tune your equipment. While the process might be a bit complicated at first, you'll get the hang of it after a few forges. Keep in mind that every time you use a rune in the forge, the forging potential of the time will be reduced. 

Here's How You Can Use Rune of Ascendance in Last Epoch

The main purpose of Runes is to change the modifiers of your item. Once you've managed to unlock Rune of Ascendance, you can start crafting new items to help progress through the game. Here's how you can use this consumable to forge new items - 

  1. Access the Forge menu by pressing the "F" key.

  2. Once you've opened the Forge menu, select the item from your inventory and place it in the center of the menu to proceed.

  3. Make sure you have enough forging potential in your rune, or else the crafting process won't work. 

  4. In order to forge a new item, click on the "+" at the bottom of the screen.

  5. Select the Rune Ascendance modifier to craft a new item with the consumable.

That's everything you need to know on how to use Rune of Ascendance in Last Epoch. For more guides, check out how you craft Legendary items in Last Epoch.

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