God of War Ragnarok Supposedly Arriving on PC in Q1 2025


God of War Ragnarok Supposedly Arriving on PC in Q1 2025

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According to insider Silknigth, the PC port of God of War Ragnarok might arrive in the first quarter of 2025.
Silknigth has accurately predicted the announcement and release date of Ghost of Tsushima in the past.
The leaker also mentions that an announcement for The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered’s PC port would arrive in May.

Porting over PlayStation exclusives to PC has proven to be a lucrative decision for Sony, allowing gamers to experience such quality AAA titles on their systems. While Horizon Forbidden West today is launching today, with Ghost of Tsushima set to debut on 16th May, a new rumor has emerged, stating that the critically acclaimed God of War Ragnarok will hit PC storefronts in the first quarter of 2025. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know.

God of War Ragnarok Release Date Information Comes From Ghost of Tsushima Leaker

God of War Ragnarok release date rumors come from an insider who goes by @Silknigth on X, who accurately predicted the release date and announcement of the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima PC port set to launch in May. Furthermore, the same leaker also mentioned that the announcement of The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered’s PC Port would arrive in May, presumably after the release of Sucker Punch’s game.

Silknigth also states that there is a slight possibility of the game coming by the end of 2024 which would be miraculous. Considering that Sony has already lined up two of its critically acclaimed titles to launch this year, it seems unlikely that another exclusive would be in the works.

However, several other rumors are floating around, suggesting that other games like Gran Turismo 7 and Demon’s Souls might also get their announcements this year, although their release dates would still remain a mystery. Judging from past trends, the PlayStation maker seems to port games two years after their release on their consoles, with Horizon Forbidden West being the recent example.

This would mean that the rumors regarding God of War Ragnarok might be true, considering that it was released back in November 2022 for both the PlayStation 4 and 5. As always, the PC release of this game would feature all the bells and whistles like uncapped frame rates, DLSS, FSR, and even Intel Xess support to guarantee a quality experience for gamers. While this sounds enticing, keep in mind that these are simply based on speculation, as there has been no official word from Sony or Santa Monica studios. 

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