Elon Musk Clears Diablo 4’s Most Difficult Challenge in an Impressive Solo Run


Elon Musk via X

Elon Musk Clears Diablo 4’s Most Difficult Challenge in an Impressive Solo Run

Surya Kumar
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Elon Musk accomplished the impressive feat of clearing a tier-25 Abattoire of Zir Pinnacle dungeon in Diablo 4 all by himself.
While numerous players initially claimed that this would be impossible to achieve, this did not seem to be an issue for the tech billionaire who cleared it in just under 8 minutes

Tech Billionaire Elon Musk is no stranger to gaming and has mentioned numerous times that he has embarked on several videogame adventures to date. While the Tesla CEO has been caught in several controversies in the past, this time, he is in the limelight for good as he has accomplished a pretty impressive feat of breezing through Diablo 4’s toughest challenge yet. What initially began as a test stream to check the capabilities of his platform X soon turned into him broadcasting multiple streams of Diablo 4 to his audience. Let’s take a look at his splendid solo run.

Elon Musk Solo Clears Tier-25 Abattoire of Zir Dungeon in Diablo 4

Elon Musk has been occasionally streaming Diablo 4 from his alternate account cyb3rgam3r420, which has seen 5 such streams so far, with the first one being a test stream in October and the consequent ones streamed last week. 

On 11th January, Musk uploaded an 8-minute video showcasing his level 100 Druid build in a tier-25 Abattoire of Zir Pinnacle dungeon, which is only accessible to players who have completed season 6, which means the billionaire must have raked up some serious number of hours into Diablo 4 to get there.

For those who are unaware, the Abattoire of Zir Pinnacle Dungeon is an endgame phase event giving players 10 minutes to kill all enemies present in the area including three Bloodseekers which requires some of the best optimized builds in the game, even to clear its lower tiers. When it was first released back in December, many players even claimed that it would be impossible to defeat. However, this does not seem to be a big issue for the richest man in the world, as he decimates hordes of enemies with a breeze, thanks to his poison Werewolf build.

He also regularly switches from Werewolf to Werebear to rack up his buffs which when combined with his Legendary gear helps him easily shred his way through the cluster of demonic monsters. The tech billionaire also clocked in a pretty respectable time of just under 8 minutes but he stated that his clear time could have been so much better. In a following thread, Elon said “Made many mistakes & my accelerating snapshot is weak, so much better clear times are possible.” He also thanked everyone who helped him achieve this feat and said that he could not have accomplished it without them.

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